Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Food with a side of Architecture

Today, I went on site to have a final look at a few completed projects at one of my school districts.  A few years ago, I helped work on this band plaza in between our auditorium (2011) and their old high school.  I also just finished the small building in between, and I designed the canopy to pull the whole area together.  I cannot wait until they have a pep rally here and it's full of students!

I'll show you a few more pictures of my project in a minute, but this is a vegan food blog first, and it's Vegan Mofo 2013, so here's my day of food!

No running this morning.  Josh and the cat were being waaaaay too cuddly, and I am having a little back pain.  We'll hit it hard tomorrow.  I started the day with a simple bowl of granola, and it was crazy filling.  Now that I'm eating smaller portions, I do notice that if I eat something hearty, I'll get full fast.

At lunch, I finished The Cuckoo's Calling while eating a tofu hummus wrap and veggies.  I like my comfy lunch set up.  I'm waiting for it to get cool outside, then I'll be doing a little lunch time walking.

I have been so much more mentally happy now that I've allowed fruit back into my life.  This is not a low-carb meal, but it was delicious, light, and kept me going until I got home from a school board meeting.

Around 3, we headed out on job site to look at several projects.  After lots of architecture viewing and a school board meeting, I headed home.  I was really hungry for dinner, and I also wanted to have food for lunches tomorrow.  So, I made up a bean salad and some kale chips.  I don't really have a recipe, as I just kind of mixed up what we had in the house.  It's definitely in need of some tweaking before it's a great concoction, but it will serve for lunches!

After I finished dinner, I realized that the beans needed to be mashed for it to be a good sandwich, so I smashed them!!  The kale chips were ok, but since I ran out of nooch, they weren't great.  I need to head to Whole Foods on Friday to stock up on some staples.

Ok, so here are some more shots of a few projects I've worked on lately.  I'm happy that the school is happy.  The second space is a media center remodel.  They haven't quite moved in all of their books and furniture, but you start to get an idea of the space.

There were a few things that caught my eye on the Mofo posts today, check it out.

I want to eat CUPCAKES!
Oh She Glows has been NAILING Vegan Mofo.  Check out this salad.
I need to make beer brat mac and cheese!

How did your vegan mofo Tuesday go?  Eat anything awesome?


  1. Simple granola and a bit of nut milk are the perfect way to start breakfast! Aw the tofu & hummus wrap looks adorable with these chopped up fruits & veggies! Thanks for sharing these awesome projects you've worked on - looks fanastic & clean! Today, I went to Loving Hut Valencia (it was closed for the holidays for few weeks) and had a massive buffet plate! I'm so full >__<

    1. thanks! :D i am loving eating clean and light, but a massive buffet plate is good every now and then too! also, i LOOOOVE your blog :D your chickpea mash looks so fantastic :)

  2. I'm so excited that I found your blog! I am participating in Vegan MoFo as well as WIAW - I would LOVE to link up and visit and comment often! Swing by my place when you have a chance and let me know if that's cool! LOVE chickpeas and that dish looks and sounds amazing! YUM! LOVE your photos, too!

    1. hi! thanks for the comments :) the dish was delish! your avocado sauce on your blog looks AMAZING! will have to try :D happy mofo'ing


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