Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A brief pause..

Dear Readers,

Thank you guys for being so awesome and coming back day after day to hear my musings.  You may have noticed I was MIA today.  I promise that I will be back Monday, but for now, I need to be silent for a few days.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Healthy Eating on the Road

I have been traveling a little bit for work, and whenever I know I'm going to be on the road, I pack ahead.  Most of my trips take me to very rural places in Arkansas, and there are not a lot of options for a healthy vegan lunch.  All you really need to get through a full day of traveling is a cooler and a little planning ahead.

On my first trip, I left bright and early in the morning.  So, I packed my cooler with a mid-morning snack.  I pulled over for a quick break and got out my almond milk and protein powder.  A few quick shakes and you have a protein packed start to the day.  Around lunch time, I found a nice place to park and broke out my salad.  I was hoping to find a park or nice bench to eat outside, but there were not a lot of options.  So, I ate in my car.

This salad is super easy and can be made with a number of different ingredients.  I simply prepped ahead by making a large pot of black lentils, then I tossed them with chopped cabbage and apples.  In the morning, I spooned that out into a tupperware and topped with carrots and daiya cheese.  Lunch is served.

Healthy meals make this girl happy!

On another trip, I decided to go with a veggie packed salad, some delicious grapes and a handful of almonds.  My sandwich kept fine without a cooler for a few hours while I made a trip up to north Arkansas for a meeting.

As with the salad, any ingredients that you like will work.  This is avocado, tomato, lettuce, red peppers, carrots, mustard and cashew cream.  It was amazing.  When you have a healthy and appetizing lunch ready, you are far less likely to grab something unhealthy on the road.

I finished my lunch with this tasty snack on the go, grapes and almonds.  I think they go nicely together.  This fiber and protein rich foods will keep you full and happy while you travel.

What's your favorite car trip food?

Monday, October 20, 2014

LR Restaurant Review: Local Lime

This past weekend, I ventured out to West Little Rock to try out Local Lime.  I hadn't been out there since they opened last year, and I'm not sure why I've stayed away.  Their food is incredibly fresh and delicious.  The owners also operate Big Orange and ZaZa's, and they really know how to deliver high quality food in a beautiful setting.

The menu is clearly marked with vegan and non-vegan items.  This is a great feature, and it makes ordering really easy.  We started with a trio of salsas, the tomatillo, mango and regular.  The menu was a little misleading on this one, but I checked online, and their tomatillo is listed as vegan.

The salsas were really fantastic.  They were light and airy and delicious.  It was a great start to the dish.  I ordered the vegan tacos, the beans and greens.  They were really tasty.  We had sides piled all over the table, but I ended up eating the black beans and pickled vegetables.

The tacos were topped with guacamole and shredded cabbage and were quite tasty.  The pickled vegetables were by far my favorite.  They were spicy and tart.

They have a house made ginger soda that was incredibly tasty!

I really hope they get more vegan items on their menu, but until then, I'll keep coming back for these tacos.  They have a great looking citrus salad on the menu that I really want to try as well.

Local Lime on Urbanspoon

Friday, October 17, 2014

Food Photo Friday

It's another week and another post of foods I've been eating lately.  I promise, I am cooking a little bit.  I had an amazing chili night with my fellow veg friends, Sheridan and Drew.  I'll give you all the details next week.

I have been eating out with the office at least once a week.  It keeps me updated on what's going on, and it's fun to see what everyone is up to.  I am currently loving Izzy's black bean soup with the veggie melt (no cheese.)  I'm also a big fan of the veggie wrap at Bar Louie.  To make it vegan, you have to ask for no mayo and no cheese sauce, but make sure to check it, because the staff isn't always so great.  The service is never that good, but the food is great.  The hummus is pretty tasty, though, and they pile it in.

I got this monstrosity at Senor Tequila.  I asked for the Burrito California, without meat, cheese or sour cream.  They added guac and fajita veggies inside.  They gave me a side of lettuce and tomato to pile on top.  It was not something I could finish, but it was tasty.

Yum and yum.

For the most part, though, I have been eating really simple meals at home.  I finally made it to the grocery store and stocked up on tons of veggies.   I am loving butternut squash and black lentils.  Pile them together, throw a little hot sauce on there, and you have a meal.  You can add an olive oil biscuit for good measure.

I had another half squash to eat a couple days later, so I scooped it out and had it with some greens.  That was a perfect Saturday lunch.

As I mentioned, I made some amazing chili over the weekend.  The house smelled amazing.  I will tell you all about it soon.

I don't make everything from scratch.  I tried out this soup and was happily surprised by how tasty it was.  As you can see, I'm on a bit of a soup kick.

I will probably keep this stocked for dinner in a rush.  It's very yummy.

I have been loving toast with avocado and tomato lately.  That's pretty much what I ate all weekend.  I guess I'm saying goodbye to summer and good tomatoes.  These were not great.

On Sunday, I made a huge pot of ramen, broccoli and carrots, taking a page out of Bianca's playbook.  She preaches the virtues of ramen on Sunday, and oh boy, did this hit the spot.

Last but not least, this came in the mail the other day.  I have not had a chance to make anything, but I will, and I'll tell you all about it.  If you haven't seen their promo on youtube, check it out!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Warby Parker Home Try On

The blog-o-sphere seems to be ever more flooded with endorsements and advertisements from various companies.  I don't necessarily think this is a bad thing, because some people blog for a living.  I do not, though, so when I'm sharing a product with you, it's something that I like and want to tell you about.  If I'm ever contacted by a company to do a product review, I will always tell you up front first.  I have no affiliation or contact with Warby Parker, but I have been wearing their glasses for 2 years now, and I love them.  Today I wanted to share a feature that I believe makes them unique, their home try on program.

I have been rocking these specs for two years and love them, but they are getting a bit worn.  I'm not a contact wearer, although I'm trying it out for a few things like yoga.  I prefer to wear glasses, and I was thinking it was time to look for a new pair.  I ordered 5 pairs to try on, for free, and got them the other day.  Warby Parker will send them to you, postage paid both ways, and you can see what looks great on your face!

It's amazing how different glasses change how your face looks!  Apparently, I only photographed 4 of the specs.  Two of them were incredibly similar.

These were by far my favorite.  I didn't really dig any of the other ones.  I have been wearing thick frame glasses for so long, so I thought I would like some with thin metal edges.  I didn't like any of them, though.  I am really liking the black frames, but I haven't decided yet.  I'll probably do another try on of more frames similar to this one.  What I love about these is they are titanium on the sides, which is new for me.

Warby Parker also has a buy a pair, give a pair philosophy, which gives an ethical edge to your facial attire.

What do you think?

**All opinions are strictly my own.  I have not been contacted by Warby Parker.  I just think they make a good product and have a cool business model.