Wednesday, July 13, 2016

29 Week Pregnancy Update

Wowza!  Look at that bump.  Yes, things are growing around here, for sure.  I know I've been pretty quiet lately, but life moves forward behind the scenes.  We reached the 29 week mark last Saturday, and I had a checkup with my doc on Monday.  So far, so good.  I'm definitely feeling pregnant, and the 112 degree (F) heat index in Little Rock is really not helping.

I have tons of food pictures to share with you guys, but there are so many that I thought I'd save them for another post.  I also want to share some tips and things I've found with plus size bump dressing, so look for that soon.

Probably the biggest thing that happened between now and my last post was an epic tumble I took at my sister's house.  I tripped and fell on my hands and knees, giving my right knee a good ol gashing.  It was pretty gnarly, but it really healed up in about a week.  It's been several weeks now, and besides a nice scar, it's all better.

Fiona made sure to give me lots of cuddles while I was recovering. Falling when you're pregnant is really scary.  I didn't have any impact on my belly, and we have a heart rate monitor at home, so I was able to listen to her and feel better after the fall.  It was still jarring, and I'm being more careful.


Days til Due:  73

Cravings:  Cheese!  I seriously went to Whole Foods the other day and got mac n cheese and broccoli cheese soup for lunch!  I'm making a real effort this week to get tons of fruits and veggies.  We're also still on the banh mi band wagon hard.  That's been our dinner so much lately, but it's so good.

Weird Symptoms: Can we say heart burn?  That started about a week ago, and it seems to come raging every night.  I've even taken to having a bite of ice cream as medicine.  I have definitely noticed if I eat smaller meals spaced out it's not as bad.  So, I'm working on that.

Currently loving:  caprese salad, all things with basil, ice ice ice cold water

Currently hating:  my shoes (they're all tight), the heat, restless legs

Mood:  Great!  Feeling very optimistic and happy this week.

Nursery:  Finished cleaning everything out, and we're on to painting this week!

Sleep:  Could be better.  I've been really active this week, so I've been sleeping better.  I still wake up a lot to pee.

Exercise:  Trying to get some movement every day.  My step counter has reached 8000 a lot more lately, as I've been trying to get up and move around.  I've been doing prenatal yoga on Thursdays, treadmill workouts at home, and this week I introduced some very light (2 pound) weights.  I've also been going to the gym with my girlfriend, Erin, about once a week, which is awesome.

Baby Classes:  all done!  We had our 9 am - 5 pm birthing class with hospital tour on Saturday, and that finished it for us.  I really enjoyed all the classes we took, and I feel like the helped me feel more prepared.  I still have several baby books to read.

Baby Movement:  She's a little wiggle worm.  At night, she will kick around a ton for Josh, which is fun.  Apparently, Sunday morning, he was spooning me and could feel her move a ton.  I was asleep and didn't notice a thing, but it was nice that they got to have a little moment together.

Name:  I think we've decided... but I'm not telling yet!

Big Excitement for the Week:  I'm getting a prenatal massage on Friday.  I've been having more and more headaches lately, so I'm definitely ready to get a rub down.

I'm very exited about hitting 30 weeks on Saturday.  That feels like a huge milestone.  Hopefully she will stay in there and cook as long as she needs, but I'm going to be very excited to meet her in September.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

26 Week Pregnancy Update

Woohoo, 26 weeks and going strong.  I have been feeling pretty good lately.  I'm over the awful cold that I got a few weeks ago, and my appetite is back. So, naturally, I've been cooking a lot more.  Here are just a couple things that I've been making lately.

All of our dinners lately have been pretty quick and easy.  We've been doing tons of:

Breakfast Burritos
Southwest Chicken (regular and vegan chicken) Salads
Banh mi's
Eggs & Toast
Noodle Bowls

and last but not least, these pita pizzas!  Oh my god, they're so good.  I have been throwing on whatever veggies I have on hand.  These are fun because Josh and I can customize them however we want.

The other day, I was craving a huge pile of broccoli, so I roasted some potatoes and cooked up a vegan chicken patty to go with.  What a yummy dinner!  We have stuff like this a lot.  Sorry for the blurry picture.

Ever since we had the banh mi sliders at Flyway Brewing, I have been craving them.  So, all this week we've been chowing down on these awesome sandwiches.  They're so filling, that it's all you'll need for dinner.

This week I brought back our pancake Sunday tradition.  I made a huge batch and ended up giving half to my friend, Erin.  These were very tasty, though.  Josh always wonders why every Sunday isn't pancake Sunday.  mm... probably because I usually need a nap after all those carbs.

I've been making variations of these cookies for every social event we've been invited to, lately.  They're the BEST cookies.  We have never come home with a single cookie left.  Yep, they're that good.  I think you could easily make them vegan, too, with a flax/chia egg.  The real magic is chopping up a candy bar and throwing them in as the chocolate chips.

There have been more things to eat, but I've been horrible about taking pictures.  My pregnancy day looks kind of like this:

breakfast:  toast, maybe an egg if I'm super hungry
lunch:  sandwich and apple
snack: yogurt
dinner:  one of the things listed above
dessert:  fruit, cookie, ice cream, etc.  not every night, but way more than normal.

I'll try to snap a What I Ate in a Day soon, so you can see a full day.  Honestly, I feel like I eat less now that I'm pregnant, but maybe not.  I'm way more in tune with my body than I used to be, and because I don't have weight loss or diets hanging around my head, telling me what I "should" eat, I'm just listening to what sounds good and when I'm hungry.  It's been working really well, and I've managed to keep any pregnancy weight gain right where it needs to be.  I've also been doing lots of walking and going to prenatal yoga when I can.  Fitness really comes and goes.  Sometimes I have a week where I walk every day, go to yoga, and swim.  Sometimes, I lay on the couch and watch Vikings.  Like I said, I'm just listening to what feels right.

I thought I would start to include some pregnancy stats, mostly so I can look back on them.  I didn't really plan on doing this, so I don't have a bump picture, but I'll try to remember for next time.


Days til Due:  95
Cravings:  Fruit, salads, things that are light or watery
Weird Symptoms:  My feet seem to be swelling a bit.  My shoes were a bit tight yesterday.
Currently loving:  Maternity shorts, la croix on ice, watermelon
Currently hating:  the weather (above 90's in AR), heartburn
Mood:  feeling good.  no spontaneous crying lately
Nursery:  cleaned most of my office stuff out.  need to finish that and start painting.
Sleep:  constantly interrupted by peeing.
Exercise:  2 to 3 times a week right now.  want to up it a bit.
Baby classes:  taken infant care and breastfeeding so far.
Baby movement:  she's rocking and rolling in there.  likes to kick around my belly button.
Name:  nothing yet.  Josh and I have some favs, but we're not telling...
Big Excitement for the Week:  We picked a day care!!  I have sooooo been stressing about getting her a spot somewhere I feel comfortable with, because I'll be going back to work after 3 months.  After doing a bunch of research then going on a lot of tours, we finally decided on a Montessori school very close to my office.  I feel incredibly relieved to have a spot reserved for her at a place I feel comfortable.  Both mine and Josh's parents are 3 hours away (in opposite directions) and still work, so child care was definitely something we've been stressing about.

Even though it sucks to be pregnant when it's so hot out, I'm still loving it and very happy that it's going so well this time around.  I'm growing more and more anxious to meet her, and I know she'll be here before I know it.

Monday, June 13, 2016

WIATW: Weekend Eats, 25 Weeks Pregnant

This past weekend, I headed home to Osceola to visit Mama V and Pappa V for some swimming, shopping, and lots of eating.  We always make tasty things, so I thought I would share.

So, after a car ride on a sunny day, listening to American Gods by Neil Gaiman (currently OBSESSED), I got to my parents house around 5.  After some fun floating in the pool (where I was a human submarine!), we headed inside to make some dinner.  My mom shares a CSA with one of her friends, and she had TONS of greens to throw into a delicious pasta.  She also made these awesome pita pizzas on the side.

It was soooo tasty!

I forgot to take a picture of breakfast, but my dad made a veggie stuffed omelet, and we had fruit and some home made toast (made by Mama V) on the side.

We headed to Memphis after breakfast to do some shopping.  My parents are awesome and helped me out by buying me lots of maternity clothes.  This baby bump is growing, and I definitely needed some short and tshirts.  There was a chain by the mall called Bahama Breeze, which my parents had tried in Florida.  So, there's where we headed for lunch.  I ordered the curry bowl without chicken, which was filled with tons of veggies, chickpes, rice, and curry sauce.  It was tasty, but HUGE.  This was the LIGHT portion.  I only ate about 1/3 of it and I was done.

We headed home and spent all afternoon in the pool.  We got hungry for some grilled food later that afternoon, so we made grilled corn, smoked potatoes, zucchini, jalapeno poppers, beans, and salad.  Talk about a feast!

There was still room for pie.....

The next morning we headed to Huddle House, a little diner on the edge of town, to have breakfast before I hit the road.  I had eggs, toast, and hash browns.  I may have helped my dad with his waffle.  I hit the road, listening to Anansi Boys (another Neil Gaiman book... I told you.. obsessed), and got home before noon.

Around 2, Josh and I headed to Flyway Brewing.  a new brewery in Argenta.  Until Friday, they had just beer and pretzles, so we didn't go try it (me not being able to drink beer and all).  However, Friday they launched a food menu, and I spied a tofu banh mi, so we had to go.

I ordered the tofu banh mi and a root beer.  They serve Diamond Bear root beer, which is really good.

These juice little sliders were amazing!  The tofu was incredibly thick and flavorful, and it was topped with pickled carrots and daikon, with a huge sprig of cilantro.  It was amazing.  The pickled baby carrots were really good, too.  My only complaint is that this was 8 dollars, which seems incredibly high for two little sliders.  We were a bit disappointed, but as this is predominantly a brewery and not trying to be a restaurant, I get it.

We spent the rest of the afternoon watching Bond movies, and we had breakfast burritos for a late dinner.  I forgot to take a pic.  I had to make sure my tummy was full, because I had to fast all morning for my 1 hour glucose test today, which I passed!  Yay.  My 25 week checkup went great.

That was my weekend.  Hope yours was great!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

May Vegan Cuts Box

This last month's Vegan Cuts box was awesome!  Here are the products:

I have never been a fan of already popped popcorn, but this pregnancy has cindhanged my mind.  This skinny pop was spicy and delicious.

I really enjoyed these pico de gallo chips!  They were salty and flavorful, however, they were completely crushed in my box.  I would have loved some full size chips, but oh well.

With said chips, I had this amazing grain mix for lunch.  I put a few spoon fulls inside a wrap with spinach, avocado, and cheese, and I got three full meals out of.  I would love to take these camping.  They're super tasty and ready to eat right out of the pouch.

I have been making cookies like crazy, but we were out last week, and I was so happy to find these still in my box.  They were very tasty and minty, and since Josh doesn't like mint, I didn't have to share.

I gave this to Josh since I'm not drinking coffee, and he said it was tasty, although a little sweet.  He likes his coffee black, so any sweetness is sweet to him.

Bring on the granola bars!  This one was great.

This might have been my favorite thing in the box.  These tasted like chewy brownies, and I definitely liked that.

I'm always happy when I see granola in the box, and this one was very tasty.  I had it over yogurt with fruit.

I'm still only drinking nut milks, probably because I can't really see myself drinking cow's milk, so this nut milk was great to have.  I packed it with some cereal for work, and I was really surprised at how flavorful it was.

Another day, another granola bar!  This one was good, too.

I'm a fan of all kinds of chips, and this mixes it up by using coconuts.  Yum!

The last two I haven't tried, but I'm saving them.  I'm not doing protein powder during my pregnancy, and I just keep forgetting to put the breath mints in my purse.  I would definitely need it after my red onion filled lunch sandwiches.

Monday, May 30, 2016

May Eats

My blogging may have slowed down this month, but my eating definitely hasn't!  I'm starting to get more hunger cues than I'm used to, but as I'm growing a human, I'm just listening to what the little mung bean wants.

I have been craving SALADS so much lately.  So, I've been requesting lunch trips to Izzy's a lot lately.  I'm still not quite used to cheese, though, so the salad above had wwaaaay more than I wanted.  Oh well.  Now I know for next time.

We have also been doing salads at home.  I tried these Beyond Meat chicken strips, and they were SO good.  I made the same base salad (black beans, corn, cheese, red bell peppers, and romaine), then we topped them with our preferred protein.  Co-meal win!

When I'm not craving salad, I'm usually craving a noodle bowl.  I boil black ramen with a bunch of veggies, then toss it with a little of the broth + miso and cover in sriracha.  YUM!

For Cinco de Mayo, we had a bunch of people over for tacos, and I made lentil and roasted cauliflower ones.  Yum!  For some reason, the baby does not like Mexican food at restaurants, which is a real bummer.  It seems to be ok if I make it, though.

Josh and I had a fun day mid-month at the 2nd annual Maker Faire at the Innovation Hub.  He spotted a new food truck he wanted to try, WunderBus, which had a bunch of German sausage dishes on the menu.  After he ordered, I asked if they had any veggie dogs.  The guy's face lit up, and he told me about their secret vegetarian special, a root vegetable hash with an egg.  I was intrigued, and it was SO freaking good.

Speaking of eggs, that is the one non-vegan thing that I have really enjoyed coming back into my diet.  I've been picking up cartons from the Bernice Garden Farmer's Market, and they're yummy.  I tried eating oatmeal or sweet things for breakfast, but I just ended up puking.  So, most mornings I have either avocado toast or some kind of egg dish.  This was a particularly huge weekend breakfast, but who doesn't love tacos?

I recently discovered these yogurts in the Organic isle at Kroger, and HOLY CRAP are they good.  Plus, 14 grams of protein!  They taste like an amazing curry dish.  They have been an occasional treat lately when I get hungry before an afternoon workout.

It hasn't all been veggies and protein.  I have a raging sweet tooth that I'm trying to mitigate, but one day I had to indulge in strawberry shortcake at Izzy's.  They only have this dish when strawberries are in season, so I wanted to give it a try.  It was great.

I've also been making a lot of vegan cupcakes and peanut butter cookies, so yeah, got to get that under control.  Josh isn't complaining.

Those were my eats and cravings this month.  We hit 23 weeks on Saturday and have started working on the nursery.  I'll hopefully share some before and after of that when we get going.  I'm pretty excited.