Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A Proper Goodbye

All the hip kids these days have a term used when dating, called the fade away, where you just simply stop talking to the person and subsequently fade away.  There's even a song about it. Well, I've kind of felt like I've been doing that to you guys, and that's not right.

Yes, this is the ubiquitous I am ending the blog post.  Most of you guys have probably felt like this was coming, or were wondering if I was just going to stop posting, or get back to a more regular schedule after my infant started doing normal schedule-y things.  Truth is, my heart isn't into it anymore.  It's not really into food anymore.  I get to do a minuscule amount of cooking a week (batch cooking all the way), and the thought of writing recipes and photographing it, on top of trying to cram it in before nap time sounds awful.  I cherish the times I get to the kitchen, and in some weird way, I'm keeping them for myself.  Well that's fine, you say, don't post as much about food.  Well, that poses a problem as well.  As cute and wonderful as I think my kid is, I don't want to share her with the world, either.  Her digital life is her own, and I don't feel right raising her online.  She should be able to form her own identity when the time comes.  I don't judge any moms who do it, because honestly my favorite blogs are the ones where they share everything and talk about their kids.  I just can't do it.  So what then would I write about?

I love being a mom, but it is hella time consuming you guys.  So, I want to carve out the little me-moments for other things.  Eventually I would like to focus on my doodling again, so keep your eyes on Scribbly Brain for some future activity.  I hope to eventually re-launch that site, maybe do some web comics.  Who knows...

Lastly, I created this space to explore and share veganism, and I'm no longer vegan.  I don't want to get into the whole ex-vegan bullshit.  Veganism rocks, and the people who do it rock.  I won't say anything bad about it, because it's the best thing for the animals and the planet.  For me right now, though, I'm still solidly on the vegetarian band wagon.  I don't plan on changing that right now, and to keep on keeping on like I had been feels weird.  Perhaps that is why I lost a little passion about sharing my food.  Everyone knows eggs and cheese taste good, there's no need to preach about it.

This has been an amazing space that has brought me great joy, introduced me to incredible people, and helped me shape the way I see myself and my body.  If there was one great take away from my years of writing here, it's to love yourself today, no matter where you are in your goals.  That is the greatest thing you can ever learn, and something I hope to instill in my daughter every day.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

3 Weeks Postpartum

Phoebe turns 3 weeks old today, and my days right now are filled with feedings, cuddles, and trying to sneak in a nap.  In fact, I believe that is the key to maintaining your sanity:  sleep when your kid sleeps.  I'm not great at this, evidenced by the fact that I'm typing this and not on the couch napping, but I'm learning.

She's growing and is generally an awesome baby, with some periods of fussiness between 5 and 8 pm.  Overall though, we've really been enjoying our little family time.  This is Josh's last week home, and I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do without him when he goes back to work.  He has been taking care of everything, and I couldn't have done it without him.

We go on a family walk around the neighborhood every day, and that has really improved my mood.  It's still pretty hot here (for the middle of OCTOBER), but I'm hoping the fall weather will kick in soon.  The tree across the street from our house has yellow leaves, so I know fall is here.

My recovery is going well. The c-section scar is healing nicely, and as long as I remember to take it relatively easy, I go all day without any pain.  I'm ready to get back to some longer walks and yoga.  Breastfeeding is pretty amazing for the recovering mama.  I've already lost all the weight from the pregnancy plus a couple pounds.  I believe most of this is because Josh has been bringing me all my food, so I'm not doing a ton of snacking.  I'm hoping to keep up this progression with healthy meals and increasing exercise.  I definitely want to be as healthy and fit as I can be to chase around this little girl.

The first week home, Josh's mom was here.  Man, was that amazing.  Just having another person in the house really helped, and we even managed to throw together this Our baby is 1 week old Brunch for ourselves.  That was the first runny egg I'd eaten in almost a decade, and it was everything I hoped it would be.  I also whipped up those pancakes from scratch.  I haven't made any more ambitious cooking endeavors since, but it was a big victory.

Since then, there have been a lot of eggs and bread for breakfast, although sometimes smoothies.  Lunch is usually soup or an Amy's organic meal, although occasionally Josh will go out and grab us a sandwich.  Dinners have been home cooking from the deep freezer.

Before Phoebe got here, I made and froze veggie pot pies, chili, cornbread, tofu scramble burritos, egg burritos, and frozen packs of smoothies.  We completely stuffed our standing deep freezer, and we've been eating out of that for the past few weeks.  We still have a fair amount of food left, and I'm so glad I took the time to do this.  I wanted to do a more detailed post about it, and maybe I will, but for now just know if you have a baby on the way, freeze a bunch of your favorite foods.  That mac and cheese was courtesy of my friend, Reva, and it was delicious.

So, that's about it for now.  I need to go crash and take a nap.  Breastfeeding is super hard, but I'm starting to get the hang of it.  Thankfully we have a lot of easy food stocked up, and getting outside once a day does wonders for the soul.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Checking In

Hey everybody!

Phoebe is 8 days old today!  She's lovely, and we're completely smittened.  The c-section went fine, and she's healthy.  We're getting the hang of breastfeeding and enjoying being home as a family.  I just wanted to pop in and say that things area great.  Honestly, I thought being a parent would be good, but I didn't realize just how heart meltingly joyful it would be.  I'm in awe of her.

That's all for now.  Time to get more cuddles.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

37 Week Pregnancy Update: What I Ate

We are TWO WEEKS til go time, people!  I have my c-section scheduled for September 21st, so in just a couple weeks, Phoebe will be here.  You may remember a few years ago when I had a bunch of posts about having some surgery.  Well, because of that, I can't have a regular birth, so we're going c-section.  Of course I'm nervous, but I'm confident in my medical staff and hope things go great.  My doc today said this pregnancy has gone really smoothly, and that medically I'm looking great.

I'm 37+4 weeks today, actually, so 38 weeks is right around the corner.  I'm enjoying my big bump, although it's fairly itchy.  Before I get into all the pregnancy stats, I wanted to do a What I Ate breakdown.  This is probably more food than I usually eat in a day, but I've been having to eat more often to keep from getting a really acidic stomach.

I had my OB checkup early this morning, so I wanted to start with something light.  So, I had a glass of ice water and a yogurt.  All I crave is ice cold water, and it really gets the baby moving.  Win win.

After my checkup, I ran to Whole Foods to grab something healthy for lunch and a heartier breakfast.  I love these little tacos.  They're stuffed full of eggs and potatoes, and it hit the spot.

At Whole Foods, they had pre-made mock chicken sandwiches, made with their in house fake chicken.  So. good.  I got that with a side of caprese salad.  I'd never had that before, but it was creamy and delicious.

I spent the afternoon sketching on an apartment complex I'm trying to finish up.  I only have 1 more week of work after this one before I start maternity leave, so I've got quite a bit of things to wrap up before that.  I munched on this mango filled yogurt for a late afternoon snack.

It was another Whole Foods snag.  Very tasty.  I crave fruit a lot.

We ordered Chinese food on Labor Day, so we finished up the leftovers tonight.  I also had some slabs of tofu in marinade from banh mi's we've been making, so I pan fried some of those.  It was a yummy, veggie filled dinner.  I could live on broccoli.  I always want it.

The bump likes fruits and veggies, too.  I had to work more when I got home, but it hasn't been too bad.  I really want to get my projects settled before I leave, because I don't plan on coming back until January.  I feel like it's going to be strange to take such a big step back from work, but I know it'll be worth it.

37 Week Pregnancy Update

Days til C-section: 14

Cravings:  Ice, broccoli, fruit

Weird Symptoms:  I had the blood blister on my finger biopsied, and it turned out to be a pyogenic granuloma.  Apparently, it's some weird blood vessel thing you can get while pregnant, and although it sucked to have one, it could have been in a much worse place, like my face.  They're sometimes called pregnancy tumors, because they're common.  My dermatologist did a great job taking it off, and it's almost all healed.

Currently loving:  Binge watching The Office.  I love this show, and I'm enjoying just relaxing and watching some TV before the baby gets here.  I also watched all of the second season of Outlander, because my bestie Devon is great and got me a Starz subscription.  Hi Devon!

Currently hating:  Bedtime.  It's when acid reflux and being uncomfortable really set in.  Oh, and the having to pee...

Mood:  Feeling really happy and also anxious.  Knowing when she's going to be here is awesome, but there's that small fear that I'll go into labor before the 21st.  We'll see!  I've also had a bit more energy and have done some nesting.

Nursery:  Pretty much done!  We just need to hang some of the awesome art we received.

Sleep:  As I said, not great.  I get up every hour and being horizontal makes reflux awful.

Exercise:  Pretty much non-existent at this point. I got such bad round ligament pain walking through Kroger with Josh on Saturday that I just sat on a bench and let him finish the shopping.  I walk as much as I can, but my fitness level definitely tanked.

Baby movement:  She sleeps a lot lately and is definitely cramped, but when she moves, it shakes my whole belly.  I really love it when she rolls around in there, so hopefully she'll keep moving a lot right up until C day.

Big Excitement for the Week:  My girlfriends bought us a house cleaning for my birthday, which will be this Friday.  It was an incredibly thoughtful gift, and it will help ease some anxiety I have about sitting around a dirty house once the baby is here.

That's what's going on with us.  It's going to be a pretty busy week and a half trying to get work wrapped up, but Josh and I will hopefully have a few days to relax before the baby gets here.  We got our deep freezer this past weekend, so I hope to do some batching cooking this weekend.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Hello Fresh Vegetarian Box Review

As my due date gets closer and closer, my urge to cook has really tanked.  So, I was super happy when my friend Ashley over at NeverHomeMaker did a Hello Fresh box giveaway, and I won!

The first meal in the box was Jamie's Super Tasty Gnocchi.  This was so tasty and easy.  You basically boil the gnocchi, cook down the veggies, and toss it all together.  This made a TON of gnocchi.  It was definitely enough for 4 servings.

The next meal we tried out was the Heirloom Tomato Flatbread.  I had some leftover sausage for Josh from the farmer's market, so I put that on half.  He's really been enjoying the veggie meals, but of course, he would prefer meat.  This seemed like a good instance to throw some on.  I expected this meal to not be terribly filling, thus the extra gnocchi in the picture, but it was SO filling.  The crust was fluffy, the pesto was creamy, and the mozz cheese was great.

The dish came with arugula tossed with balsamic and olive oil, which we topped our pizza with.  Now, I'm not a big fan of arugula, so I tried it, but mostly left this off.

The third meal that came in our box was Quinoa Stuffed Peppers,  which unfortunately, we didn't eat.  It looked tasty, but we just never got around to making it.  Apparently, even though Hello Fresh is easy, it was still more than I wanted to mess with as pregnant as I am.  I think that dish didn't sound as great as the other ones.  It did look great.

I am not getting anymore boxes right now, but I think it's a great option for busy people.  The boxes are 60 bucks and come with 3 meals, which says 2 servings a piece.  I think the servings are crazy generous, though, so you could possibly get two meals out of each.

So, I would definitely give this a try, if you are looking for some easy meals.  Now, I don't think this would be the best for vegans, because you don't get to customize the vegetarian boxes.  The meat boxes give you the option to pick which 3 recipes you want.  But, if you're a cheese/egg eater, it would be an easy way to get some creative dinner ideas into your kitchen.

This post is not sponsored at all.  I won a free gift box and tried it out.  All opinions are my own.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

35 Week Pregnancy Update

Man, I didn't realize it's been so long since I did one of these!  I had my 35 week checkup at the doc yesterday, and now I'm going every week.  No dilation yet, which is good.  I'm definitely ready to meet her, but she needs to cook a bit longer.  Speaking of "her", I'm ready to share the name...

Yep!  Our little space baby is Phoebe.  It was our first choice, and we kept coming back to it.  Still no middle name, though.  We're working on it.  I didn't change my last name when I got married, so she'll be taking Josh's last name.

The nursery is almost done and has been quite a project.  I really love how it's turning out.  We still need to hang peg board over the changing table and put up all the awesome art we've received, but our little celestial nursery is almost done.  I did the constellation accent wall a few weeks back, and I have a whole post coming on that specifically.  It's the constellations in the sky in September in the Northern Hemisphere.  I think it turned out really fun.

Food has been so hit or miss lately.  I barely have room for dinner, and heart burn has been so bad that I haven't wanted anything at night.  However, I have felt ok this week, so Sunday I went with my girlfriends to the Farmer's Market and picked up stuff to make this dinner above.  It was pasta, veggie crumbles, kale, zucchini, freshly canned mushroom tomato sauce, fresh baked bread with local pesto, and a little cheese on top.  Very yummy.  I actually got gifted a Hello Fresh box from NeverHomeMaker, so I'll be doing a review of that soon, too.  If you haven't checked out Ashley's blog, definitely go over and give it a read.  There are great vegetarian recipes, parenting posts, running inspiration, and homesteading.  I've been reading for like 7 years now, and it's one of my favorites.

Only a month to go!  Thankfully, the heat broke last week, and it hasn't been too bad weather wise.  


Days til Due: 32

Cravings:  Ice cream.  Quinoa.  Edemame.  Sprite.  That's basically my diet right now.  

Weird Symptoms:  The heart burn is still raging, although it's been a bit less this week.  I can't lay down if I've eaten within the last 2 hours, or it's horrible.  It's probably my least favorite part of pregnancy.  I've also developed a weird blood blister on my finger.  I'm going to the dermatologist tomorrow to have it checked out.  Hopefully it's nothing.

Currently loving:  Sitting in the nursery.  The recliner we bought is super comfy.  I'm also loving lunch salads full of quinoa and ice water.  I think strangers recognize that I'm pregnant now, because I get a lot of smiles.  I enjoy that, because most of this pregnancy I have just looked like I'd eaten a bit too much at lunch.

Currently hating: Having to walk long distances, being too hot, sleeping.  I get up so many times to pee that I'm actually disappointed when I wake up and it's only midnight.  I guess that's just getting me ready to be up all night with Phoebe.

Mood:  Much better this week.  I was really run down this weekend and yesterday, but a few naps and going to bed earlier have helped.  

Nursery:  Almost done!  We painted, got new carpet, changed out all the device plates, built furniture, organized all her clothes, finished the mural, and are now down to just a couple things.  We finally picked up all the items off our registry, so we're ready to rock.  It took me an entire day to wash all the clothes we have been gifted from friends.  Thankfully, most of my girlfriends had girls, so we didn't have to get her any new clothes.  I did buy her a little bear suit for the winter because CUTE.

Sleep:  Not great.  I wake up every hour or so to pee, which isn't great.  It's also been a bit hot and I've had a headache the last couple nights.  

Exercise:  This has really dropped off in the 3rd trimester.  It was so hot the past month and my feet were so swollen that I was pretty much stuck in the recliner after work.  Now that it's in the 80's again, I've been more active.  I need to add a little more yoga to my routine and to make it to the pool more often.  

Baby Movement:  She is much bigger, so I really feel those movements now.  She also gets the hiccups at least twice a day, which is always cute.  Some days she's more active than others, but she usually has a dance party at night.  It's pretty awesome.  

Big Excitement for the Week:  This is unrelated to baby, but I turn 31 on Saturday, and we're going wedding dress shopping for my sister.  I think it's going to be really fun, and I'm looking forward to it.

So, maybe I'll get in another update before the baby comes, but at this rate, who knows!  I appreciate you all continuing to read, even though my posting is a lot more erratic.  Not sure what direction this will all take after she's here, but I know it's an outlet that I enjoy, so I hope to keep it up!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Third Trimester Eats: Dining Out

Man, just looking at that picture above gives me heart burn, yet it was delicious.  Right now, everything gives me heart burn, or I get nauseated 3 hours after I eat.  Yay pregnancy.

So, I recently shared what I've been making at home, but I thought I would give you guys a snapshot of what I order when eating out lately.  It changes constantly, but I've been trying to cram in as many veggies as I can while dining out.

Awhile back, we had an office lunch at Trio's, and I was starving.  This was a few weeks ago when I actually had an appetite.  It seems to have disappeared lately.  I think she's taking up so much room now (33 weeks, people!) that it's hard to eat too much.  This lunch was great, though. Their tomato/dill soup was yummy, and the egg salad sandwich was great.  I really hadn't had egg salad in about a decade, but it was protein packed and good for baby.  I couldn't resist this piece of chocolate peanut butter pie.  I've actually been thinking about this pie a lot lately, and I may need to venture back for another taste.  That's one thing that's new to me: the raging sweet tooth.  Hopefully this girl comes out wanting more than chocolate.

I probably find myself at Whole Foods grabbing lunch at least a few times a month, and I usually pile it high with veggies and tofu.  They almost always have a nacho bar now, which is super tempting.  I try to add a bunch of broccoli to balance it out.

Most days, I crave a huge salad, like this one from Izzy's.  It's so hot here, so anything fresh and light usually hits the spot.

Izzy's also has a really tasty veggie burger that you can get with a side salad, which is what I did here.  It's not vegan (eggs), but it's filled with corn and beans, and it comes with lots of toppings.  You can get it on a bun, too, but I like it with a salad.

Josh and I indulged a few weeks ago at Big Orange, where I got this heart burn inducing mushroom melt (with veggie patty) burger.  It was SO good.  I only ate half of it, but it was still amazing.

I had this fairly lackluster lunch at The Main Cheese recently.  It was tomato soup, which was kind of gritty, and their veggie sandwich, which was ok, but the sandwich and the fries were cold.  The service was really bad, and they were empty.  I'm not sure how long this place will last.

So, not a restaurant, but I've been killing some lemonade in this heat.  It's so good.  I have a little bit, and it definitely makes the baby dance.

Of course, my obsession with tomatoes and mozzarella hasn't stopped, so I enjoyed this simple pizza at US Pizza on a date night with Josh recently.  It made a good lunch the next day, too.

Random happy pregnancy selfie!  Things have been going pretty well as we get closer and closer to the due date.  I have a checkup on Wednesday, so I'll share an update later this week.  I've also been working on a ton of art that I'd like to share as well.  The nursery is still a disaster, but more on that later.  Hope you're having some tasty eats!

What's the best restaurant meal you've had lately?