Tuesday, August 23, 2016

35 Week Pregnancy Update

Man, I didn't realize it's been so long since I did one of these!  I had my 35 week checkup at the doc yesterday, and now I'm going every week.  No dilation yet, which is good.  I'm definitely ready to meet her, but she needs to cook a bit longer.  Speaking of "her", I'm ready to share the name...

Yep!  Our little space baby is Phoebe.  It was our first choice, and we kept coming back to it.  Still no middle name, though.  We're working on it.  I didn't change my last name when I got married, so she'll be taking Josh's last name.

The nursery is almost done and has been quite a project.  I really love how it's turning out.  We still need to hang peg board over the changing table and put up all the awesome art we've received, but our little celestial nursery is almost done.  I did the constellation accent wall a few weeks back, and I have a whole post coming on that specifically.  It's the constellations in the sky in September in the Northern Hemisphere.  I think it turned out really fun.

Food has been so hit or miss lately.  I barely have room for dinner, and heart burn has been so bad that I haven't wanted anything at night.  However, I have felt ok this week, so Sunday I went with my girlfriends to the Farmer's Market and picked up stuff to make this dinner above.  It was pasta, veggie crumbles, kale, zucchini, freshly canned mushroom tomato sauce, fresh baked bread with local pesto, and a little cheese on top.  Very yummy.  I actually got gifted a Hello Fresh box from NeverHomeMaker, so I'll be doing a review of that soon, too.  If you haven't checked out Ashley's blog, definitely go over and give it a read.  There are great vegetarian recipes, parenting posts, running inspiration, and homesteading.  I've been reading for like 7 years now, and it's one of my favorites.

Only a month to go!  Thankfully, the heat broke last week, and it hasn't been too bad weather wise.  


Days til Due: 32

Cravings:  Ice cream.  Quinoa.  Edemame.  Sprite.  That's basically my diet right now.  

Weird Symptoms:  The heart burn is still raging, although it's been a bit less this week.  I can't lay down if I've eaten within the last 2 hours, or it's horrible.  It's probably my least favorite part of pregnancy.  I've also developed a weird blood blister on my finger.  I'm going to the dermatologist tomorrow to have it checked out.  Hopefully it's nothing.

Currently loving:  Sitting in the nursery.  The recliner we bought is super comfy.  I'm also loving lunch salads full of quinoa and ice water.  I think strangers recognize that I'm pregnant now, because I get a lot of smiles.  I enjoy that, because most of this pregnancy I have just looked like I'd eaten a bit too much at lunch.

Currently hating: Having to walk long distances, being too hot, sleeping.  I get up so many times to pee that I'm actually disappointed when I wake up and it's only midnight.  I guess that's just getting me ready to be up all night with Phoebe.

Mood:  Much better this week.  I was really run down this weekend and yesterday, but a few naps and going to bed earlier have helped.  

Nursery:  Almost done!  We painted, got new carpet, changed out all the device plates, built furniture, organized all her clothes, finished the mural, and are now down to just a couple things.  We finally picked up all the items off our registry, so we're ready to rock.  It took me an entire day to wash all the clothes we have been gifted from friends.  Thankfully, most of my girlfriends had girls, so we didn't have to get her any new clothes.  I did buy her a little bear suit for the winter because CUTE.

Sleep:  Not great.  I wake up every hour or so to pee, which isn't great.  It's also been a bit hot and I've had a headache the last couple nights.  

Exercise:  This has really dropped off in the 3rd trimester.  It was so hot the past month and my feet were so swollen that I was pretty much stuck in the recliner after work.  Now that it's in the 80's again, I've been more active.  I need to add a little more yoga to my routine and to make it to the pool more often.  

Baby Movement:  She is much bigger, so I really feel those movements now.  She also gets the hiccups at least twice a day, which is always cute.  Some days she's more active than others, but she usually has a dance party at night.  It's pretty awesome.  

Big Excitement for the Week:  This is unrelated to baby, but I turn 31 on Saturday, and we're going wedding dress shopping for my sister.  I think it's going to be really fun, and I'm looking forward to it.

So, maybe I'll get in another update before the baby comes, but at this rate, who knows!  I appreciate you all continuing to read, even though my posting is a lot more erratic.  Not sure what direction this will all take after she's here, but I know it's an outlet that I enjoy, so I hope to keep it up!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Third Trimester Eats: Dining Out

Man, just looking at that picture above gives me heart burn, yet it was delicious.  Right now, everything gives me heart burn, or I get nauseated 3 hours after I eat.  Yay pregnancy.

So, I recently shared what I've been making at home, but I thought I would give you guys a snapshot of what I order when eating out lately.  It changes constantly, but I've been trying to cram in as many veggies as I can while dining out.

Awhile back, we had an office lunch at Trio's, and I was starving.  This was a few weeks ago when I actually had an appetite.  It seems to have disappeared lately.  I think she's taking up so much room now (33 weeks, people!) that it's hard to eat too much.  This lunch was great, though. Their tomato/dill soup was yummy, and the egg salad sandwich was great.  I really hadn't had egg salad in about a decade, but it was protein packed and good for baby.  I couldn't resist this piece of chocolate peanut butter pie.  I've actually been thinking about this pie a lot lately, and I may need to venture back for another taste.  That's one thing that's new to me: the raging sweet tooth.  Hopefully this girl comes out wanting more than chocolate.

I probably find myself at Whole Foods grabbing lunch at least a few times a month, and I usually pile it high with veggies and tofu.  They almost always have a nacho bar now, which is super tempting.  I try to add a bunch of broccoli to balance it out.

Most days, I crave a huge salad, like this one from Izzy's.  It's so hot here, so anything fresh and light usually hits the spot.

Izzy's also has a really tasty veggie burger that you can get with a side salad, which is what I did here.  It's not vegan (eggs), but it's filled with corn and beans, and it comes with lots of toppings.  You can get it on a bun, too, but I like it with a salad.

Josh and I indulged a few weeks ago at Big Orange, where I got this heart burn inducing mushroom melt (with veggie patty) burger.  It was SO good.  I only ate half of it, but it was still amazing.

I had this fairly lackluster lunch at The Main Cheese recently.  It was tomato soup, which was kind of gritty, and their veggie sandwich, which was ok, but the sandwich and the fries were cold.  The service was really bad, and they were empty.  I'm not sure how long this place will last.

So, not a restaurant, but I've been killing some lemonade in this heat.  It's so good.  I have a little bit, and it definitely makes the baby dance.

Of course, my obsession with tomatoes and mozzarella hasn't stopped, so I enjoyed this simple pizza at US Pizza on a date night with Josh recently.  It made a good lunch the next day, too.

Random happy pregnancy selfie!  Things have been going pretty well as we get closer and closer to the due date.  I have a checkup on Wednesday, so I'll share an update later this week.  I've also been working on a ton of art that I'd like to share as well.  The nursery is still a disaster, but more on that later.  Hope you're having some tasty eats!

What's the best restaurant meal you've had lately?

Monday, August 1, 2016

Third Trimester Eats: Home Cooking

I've been building up a phone full of photos to share with you guys, and I finally sat down to do it.  I'll probably do another pregnancy update next week, but things are going well.  I've been doing quite a bit of cooking, but I've also been repeating the same things over and over.

We're still making banh mi's a lot.  They're tasty and easy.  What else could you ask for?  It's really the perfect summer food.

A few weeks ago, I had a total pregnancy melt down around dinner.  I couldn't figure out what I wanted, and we didn't have much food in the house.  So, I busted out some frozen hash browns, mixed it with cheese, flour, jalapeno, and an egg, and fried up these yummy potato pancakes.  Now we've been repeating the recipe.

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches have been my JAM so to speak. hehe.  I make them for work lunches a lot.

Speaking of work lunches, I've been making lots of salads + sandwich combos.  There have been many tofu sandwiches with watermelon salad, and lately I've been really loving pesto/tomato/mozzarella with a quinoa salad.

So great!  I love farmer's market tomatoes in the summer.  They're pretty much the best thing ever.

We've been making a ton of co-meal flatbread pizzas lately.  They're so quick and easy.  I've been repeating the caprese salad toppings on these, too.  Can't stop won't stop.

I've been baking quite a bit still, although I don't turn the oven on as much lately.  I'm still making those amazing chocolate chip cookies, and lately I've been throwing some blueberry muffins into the mix.

Eggs and toast have also been a big hit with my baby belly.  It always seems to satisfy me.

We went to my parents' for 4th of July, and my mom had amazing spreads every day of our trip.  We had a big cookout where she made beast burgers, veggie dogs, potato green bean salad, and my favorite corn casserole from when I was a kid.  It was so yummy.

Josh made these amazing tacos with Beyond Meat crumbles, and I made a jicama mango salad to go with it.  I love taco night.

... and of course, I've been drinking a ton of water!  I even ordered a second Nalgene so I could have one chilling in the fridge at all times.  Cold water for the win!

What have you been eating lately?

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

29 Week Pregnancy Update

Wowza!  Look at that bump.  Yes, things are growing around here, for sure.  I know I've been pretty quiet lately, but life moves forward behind the scenes.  We reached the 29 week mark last Saturday, and I had a checkup with my doc on Monday.  So far, so good.  I'm definitely feeling pregnant, and the 112 degree (F) heat index in Little Rock is really not helping.

I have tons of food pictures to share with you guys, but there are so many that I thought I'd save them for another post.  I also want to share some tips and things I've found with plus size bump dressing, so look for that soon.

Probably the biggest thing that happened between now and my last post was an epic tumble I took at my sister's house.  I tripped and fell on my hands and knees, giving my right knee a good ol gashing.  It was pretty gnarly, but it really healed up in about a week.  It's been several weeks now, and besides a nice scar, it's all better.

Fiona made sure to give me lots of cuddles while I was recovering. Falling when you're pregnant is really scary.  I didn't have any impact on my belly, and we have a heart rate monitor at home, so I was able to listen to her and feel better after the fall.  It was still jarring, and I'm being more careful.


Days til Due:  73

Cravings:  Cheese!  I seriously went to Whole Foods the other day and got mac n cheese and broccoli cheese soup for lunch!  I'm making a real effort this week to get tons of fruits and veggies.  We're also still on the banh mi band wagon hard.  That's been our dinner so much lately, but it's so good.

Weird Symptoms: Can we say heart burn?  That started about a week ago, and it seems to come raging every night.  I've even taken to having a bite of ice cream as medicine.  I have definitely noticed if I eat smaller meals spaced out it's not as bad.  So, I'm working on that.

Currently loving:  caprese salad, all things with basil, ice ice ice cold water

Currently hating:  my shoes (they're all tight), the heat, restless legs

Mood:  Great!  Feeling very optimistic and happy this week.

Nursery:  Finished cleaning everything out, and we're on to painting this week!

Sleep:  Could be better.  I've been really active this week, so I've been sleeping better.  I still wake up a lot to pee.

Exercise:  Trying to get some movement every day.  My step counter has reached 8000 a lot more lately, as I've been trying to get up and move around.  I've been doing prenatal yoga on Thursdays, treadmill workouts at home, and this week I introduced some very light (2 pound) weights.  I've also been going to the gym with my girlfriend, Erin, about once a week, which is awesome.

Baby Classes:  all done!  We had our 9 am - 5 pm birthing class with hospital tour on Saturday, and that finished it for us.  I really enjoyed all the classes we took, and I feel like the helped me feel more prepared.  I still have several baby books to read.

Baby Movement:  She's a little wiggle worm.  At night, she will kick around a ton for Josh, which is fun.  Apparently, Sunday morning, he was spooning me and could feel her move a ton.  I was asleep and didn't notice a thing, but it was nice that they got to have a little moment together.

Name:  I think we've decided... but I'm not telling yet!

Big Excitement for the Week:  I'm getting a prenatal massage on Friday.  I've been having more and more headaches lately, so I'm definitely ready to get a rub down.

I'm very exited about hitting 30 weeks on Saturday.  That feels like a huge milestone.  Hopefully she will stay in there and cook as long as she needs, but I'm going to be very excited to meet her in September.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

26 Week Pregnancy Update

Woohoo, 26 weeks and going strong.  I have been feeling pretty good lately.  I'm over the awful cold that I got a few weeks ago, and my appetite is back. So, naturally, I've been cooking a lot more.  Here are just a couple things that I've been making lately.

All of our dinners lately have been pretty quick and easy.  We've been doing tons of:

Breakfast Burritos
Southwest Chicken (regular and vegan chicken) Salads
Banh mi's
Eggs & Toast
Noodle Bowls

and last but not least, these pita pizzas!  Oh my god, they're so good.  I have been throwing on whatever veggies I have on hand.  These are fun because Josh and I can customize them however we want.

The other day, I was craving a huge pile of broccoli, so I roasted some potatoes and cooked up a vegan chicken patty to go with.  What a yummy dinner!  We have stuff like this a lot.  Sorry for the blurry picture.

Ever since we had the banh mi sliders at Flyway Brewing, I have been craving them.  So, all this week we've been chowing down on these awesome sandwiches.  They're so filling, that it's all you'll need for dinner.

This week I brought back our pancake Sunday tradition.  I made a huge batch and ended up giving half to my friend, Erin.  These were very tasty, though.  Josh always wonders why every Sunday isn't pancake Sunday.  mm... probably because I usually need a nap after all those carbs.

I've been making variations of these cookies for every social event we've been invited to, lately.  They're the BEST cookies.  We have never come home with a single cookie left.  Yep, they're that good.  I think you could easily make them vegan, too, with a flax/chia egg.  The real magic is chopping up a candy bar and throwing them in as the chocolate chips.

There have been more things to eat, but I've been horrible about taking pictures.  My pregnancy day looks kind of like this:

breakfast:  toast, maybe an egg if I'm super hungry
lunch:  sandwich and apple
snack: yogurt
dinner:  one of the things listed above
dessert:  fruit, cookie, ice cream, etc.  not every night, but way more than normal.

I'll try to snap a What I Ate in a Day soon, so you can see a full day.  Honestly, I feel like I eat less now that I'm pregnant, but maybe not.  I'm way more in tune with my body than I used to be, and because I don't have weight loss or diets hanging around my head, telling me what I "should" eat, I'm just listening to what sounds good and when I'm hungry.  It's been working really well, and I've managed to keep any pregnancy weight gain right where it needs to be.  I've also been doing lots of walking and going to prenatal yoga when I can.  Fitness really comes and goes.  Sometimes I have a week where I walk every day, go to yoga, and swim.  Sometimes, I lay on the couch and watch Vikings.  Like I said, I'm just listening to what feels right.

I thought I would start to include some pregnancy stats, mostly so I can look back on them.  I didn't really plan on doing this, so I don't have a bump picture, but I'll try to remember for next time.


Days til Due:  95
Cravings:  Fruit, salads, things that are light or watery
Weird Symptoms:  My feet seem to be swelling a bit.  My shoes were a bit tight yesterday.
Currently loving:  Maternity shorts, la croix on ice, watermelon
Currently hating:  the weather (above 90's in AR), heartburn
Mood:  feeling good.  no spontaneous crying lately
Nursery:  cleaned most of my office stuff out.  need to finish that and start painting.
Sleep:  constantly interrupted by peeing.
Exercise:  2 to 3 times a week right now.  want to up it a bit.
Baby classes:  taken infant care and breastfeeding so far.
Baby movement:  she's rocking and rolling in there.  likes to kick around my belly button.
Name:  nothing yet.  Josh and I have some favs, but we're not telling...
Big Excitement for the Week:  We picked a day care!!  I have sooooo been stressing about getting her a spot somewhere I feel comfortable with, because I'll be going back to work after 3 months.  After doing a bunch of research then going on a lot of tours, we finally decided on a Montessori school very close to my office.  I feel incredibly relieved to have a spot reserved for her at a place I feel comfortable.  Both mine and Josh's parents are 3 hours away (in opposite directions) and still work, so child care was definitely something we've been stressing about.

Even though it sucks to be pregnant when it's so hot out, I'm still loving it and very happy that it's going so well this time around.  I'm growing more and more anxious to meet her, and I know she'll be here before I know it.