Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A Proper Goodbye

All the hip kids these days have a term used when dating, called the fade away, where you just simply stop talking to the person and subsequently fade away.  There's even a song about it. Well, I've kind of felt like I've been doing that to you guys, and that's not right.

Yes, this is the ubiquitous I am ending the blog post.  Most of you guys have probably felt like this was coming, or were wondering if I was just going to stop posting, or get back to a more regular schedule after my infant started doing normal schedule-y things.  Truth is, my heart isn't into it anymore.  It's not really into food anymore.  I get to do a minuscule amount of cooking a week (batch cooking all the way), and the thought of writing recipes and photographing it, on top of trying to cram it in before nap time sounds awful.  I cherish the times I get to the kitchen, and in some weird way, I'm keeping them for myself.  Well that's fine, you say, don't post as much about food.  Well, that poses a problem as well.  As cute and wonderful as I think my kid is, I don't want to share her with the world, either.  Her digital life is her own, and I don't feel right raising her online.  She should be able to form her own identity when the time comes.  I don't judge any moms who do it, because honestly my favorite blogs are the ones where they share everything and talk about their kids.  I just can't do it.  So what then would I write about?

I love being a mom, but it is hella time consuming you guys.  So, I want to carve out the little me-moments for other things.  Eventually I would like to focus on my doodling again, so keep your eyes on Scribbly Brain for some future activity.  I hope to eventually re-launch that site, maybe do some web comics.  Who knows...

Lastly, I created this space to explore and share veganism, and I'm no longer vegan.  I don't want to get into the whole ex-vegan bullshit.  Veganism rocks, and the people who do it rock.  I won't say anything bad about it, because it's the best thing for the animals and the planet.  For me right now, though, I'm still solidly on the vegetarian band wagon.  I don't plan on changing that right now, and to keep on keeping on like I had been feels weird.  Perhaps that is why I lost a little passion about sharing my food.  Everyone knows eggs and cheese taste good, there's no need to preach about it.

This has been an amazing space that has brought me great joy, introduced me to incredible people, and helped me shape the way I see myself and my body.  If there was one great take away from my years of writing here, it's to love yourself today, no matter where you are in your goals.  That is the greatest thing you can ever learn, and something I hope to instill in my daughter every day.