Wednesday, September 7, 2016

37 Week Pregnancy Update: What I Ate

We are TWO WEEKS til go time, people!  I have my c-section scheduled for September 21st, so in just a couple weeks, Phoebe will be here.  You may remember a few years ago when I had a bunch of posts about having some surgery.  Well, because of that, I can't have a regular birth, so we're going c-section.  Of course I'm nervous, but I'm confident in my medical staff and hope things go great.  My doc today said this pregnancy has gone really smoothly, and that medically I'm looking great.

I'm 37+4 weeks today, actually, so 38 weeks is right around the corner.  I'm enjoying my big bump, although it's fairly itchy.  Before I get into all the pregnancy stats, I wanted to do a What I Ate breakdown.  This is probably more food than I usually eat in a day, but I've been having to eat more often to keep from getting a really acidic stomach.

I had my OB checkup early this morning, so I wanted to start with something light.  So, I had a glass of ice water and a yogurt.  All I crave is ice cold water, and it really gets the baby moving.  Win win.

After my checkup, I ran to Whole Foods to grab something healthy for lunch and a heartier breakfast.  I love these little tacos.  They're stuffed full of eggs and potatoes, and it hit the spot.

At Whole Foods, they had pre-made mock chicken sandwiches, made with their in house fake chicken.  So. good.  I got that with a side of caprese salad.  I'd never had that before, but it was creamy and delicious.

I spent the afternoon sketching on an apartment complex I'm trying to finish up.  I only have 1 more week of work after this one before I start maternity leave, so I've got quite a bit of things to wrap up before that.  I munched on this mango filled yogurt for a late afternoon snack.

It was another Whole Foods snag.  Very tasty.  I crave fruit a lot.

We ordered Chinese food on Labor Day, so we finished up the leftovers tonight.  I also had some slabs of tofu in marinade from banh mi's we've been making, so I pan fried some of those.  It was a yummy, veggie filled dinner.  I could live on broccoli.  I always want it.

The bump likes fruits and veggies, too.  I had to work more when I got home, but it hasn't been too bad.  I really want to get my projects settled before I leave, because I don't plan on coming back until January.  I feel like it's going to be strange to take such a big step back from work, but I know it'll be worth it.

37 Week Pregnancy Update

Days til C-section: 14

Cravings:  Ice, broccoli, fruit

Weird Symptoms:  I had the blood blister on my finger biopsied, and it turned out to be a pyogenic granuloma.  Apparently, it's some weird blood vessel thing you can get while pregnant, and although it sucked to have one, it could have been in a much worse place, like my face.  They're sometimes called pregnancy tumors, because they're common.  My dermatologist did a great job taking it off, and it's almost all healed.

Currently loving:  Binge watching The Office.  I love this show, and I'm enjoying just relaxing and watching some TV before the baby gets here.  I also watched all of the second season of Outlander, because my bestie Devon is great and got me a Starz subscription.  Hi Devon!

Currently hating:  Bedtime.  It's when acid reflux and being uncomfortable really set in.  Oh, and the having to pee...

Mood:  Feeling really happy and also anxious.  Knowing when she's going to be here is awesome, but there's that small fear that I'll go into labor before the 21st.  We'll see!  I've also had a bit more energy and have done some nesting.

Nursery:  Pretty much done!  We just need to hang some of the awesome art we received.

Sleep:  As I said, not great.  I get up every hour and being horizontal makes reflux awful.

Exercise:  Pretty much non-existent at this point. I got such bad round ligament pain walking through Kroger with Josh on Saturday that I just sat on a bench and let him finish the shopping.  I walk as much as I can, but my fitness level definitely tanked.

Baby movement:  She sleeps a lot lately and is definitely cramped, but when she moves, it shakes my whole belly.  I really love it when she rolls around in there, so hopefully she'll keep moving a lot right up until C day.

Big Excitement for the Week:  My girlfriends bought us a house cleaning for my birthday, which will be this Friday.  It was an incredibly thoughtful gift, and it will help ease some anxiety I have about sitting around a dirty house once the baby is here.

That's what's going on with us.  It's going to be a pretty busy week and a half trying to get work wrapped up, but Josh and I will hopefully have a few days to relax before the baby gets here.  We got our deep freezer this past weekend, so I hope to do some batching cooking this weekend.


  1. I can't believe it's so close! What an amazing time for you guys! Have fun having a super clean house, what a nice gift!! The mango in your yogurt cup looks absolutely perfect!!

    1. I can't wait for the house cleaning! The mango was amazing. Just what I was craving.

  2. I love that Whole Foods mock chicken salad so much!

    OMG, YOU'RE SO CLOSE!!!! Are you scared?????

  3. For some reason I thought you blog was vegan, and I was all excited about some vegan egg burritos on the go. Nope. Just normal egg burritos on the go. Man I miss that sort of connivence!

    Your meals look so much healthier than what I have been doing- lots of oreos (birthday cake and pumpkin spice flavor) XD You must be happy to have the acid reflux over with now.

    1. It was vegan until I got pregnant. I'm sure you could sub in some follow your heart vegan eggs in freezer burritos. Oreos sound delicious, and I'm SO happy not to have heartburn anymore!


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  6. Those are so yummy. You're lucky you got to eat those stuffs while pregnant.

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