Wednesday, July 13, 2016

29 Week Pregnancy Update

Wowza!  Look at that bump.  Yes, things are growing around here, for sure.  I know I've been pretty quiet lately, but life moves forward behind the scenes.  We reached the 29 week mark last Saturday, and I had a checkup with my doc on Monday.  So far, so good.  I'm definitely feeling pregnant, and the 112 degree (F) heat index in Little Rock is really not helping.

I have tons of food pictures to share with you guys, but there are so many that I thought I'd save them for another post.  I also want to share some tips and things I've found with plus size bump dressing, so look for that soon.

Probably the biggest thing that happened between now and my last post was an epic tumble I took at my sister's house.  I tripped and fell on my hands and knees, giving my right knee a good ol gashing.  It was pretty gnarly, but it really healed up in about a week.  It's been several weeks now, and besides a nice scar, it's all better.

Fiona made sure to give me lots of cuddles while I was recovering. Falling when you're pregnant is really scary.  I didn't have any impact on my belly, and we have a heart rate monitor at home, so I was able to listen to her and feel better after the fall.  It was still jarring, and I'm being more careful.


Days til Due:  73

Cravings:  Cheese!  I seriously went to Whole Foods the other day and got mac n cheese and broccoli cheese soup for lunch!  I'm making a real effort this week to get tons of fruits and veggies.  We're also still on the banh mi band wagon hard.  That's been our dinner so much lately, but it's so good.

Weird Symptoms: Can we say heart burn?  That started about a week ago, and it seems to come raging every night.  I've even taken to having a bite of ice cream as medicine.  I have definitely noticed if I eat smaller meals spaced out it's not as bad.  So, I'm working on that.

Currently loving:  caprese salad, all things with basil, ice ice ice cold water

Currently hating:  my shoes (they're all tight), the heat, restless legs

Mood:  Great!  Feeling very optimistic and happy this week.

Nursery:  Finished cleaning everything out, and we're on to painting this week!

Sleep:  Could be better.  I've been really active this week, so I've been sleeping better.  I still wake up a lot to pee.

Exercise:  Trying to get some movement every day.  My step counter has reached 8000 a lot more lately, as I've been trying to get up and move around.  I've been doing prenatal yoga on Thursdays, treadmill workouts at home, and this week I introduced some very light (2 pound) weights.  I've also been going to the gym with my girlfriend, Erin, about once a week, which is awesome.

Baby Classes:  all done!  We had our 9 am - 5 pm birthing class with hospital tour on Saturday, and that finished it for us.  I really enjoyed all the classes we took, and I feel like the helped me feel more prepared.  I still have several baby books to read.

Baby Movement:  She's a little wiggle worm.  At night, she will kick around a ton for Josh, which is fun.  Apparently, Sunday morning, he was spooning me and could feel her move a ton.  I was asleep and didn't notice a thing, but it was nice that they got to have a little moment together.

Name:  I think we've decided... but I'm not telling yet!

Big Excitement for the Week:  I'm getting a prenatal massage on Friday.  I've been having more and more headaches lately, so I'm definitely ready to get a rub down.

I'm very exited about hitting 30 weeks on Saturday.  That feels like a huge milestone.  Hopefully she will stay in there and cook as long as she needs, but I'm going to be very excited to meet her in September.