Sunday, June 5, 2016

May Vegan Cuts Box

This last month's Vegan Cuts box was awesome!  Here are the products:

I have never been a fan of already popped popcorn, but this pregnancy has cindhanged my mind.  This skinny pop was spicy and delicious.

I really enjoyed these pico de gallo chips!  They were salty and flavorful, however, they were completely crushed in my box.  I would have loved some full size chips, but oh well.

With said chips, I had this amazing grain mix for lunch.  I put a few spoon fulls inside a wrap with spinach, avocado, and cheese, and I got three full meals out of.  I would love to take these camping.  They're super tasty and ready to eat right out of the pouch.

I have been making cookies like crazy, but we were out last week, and I was so happy to find these still in my box.  They were very tasty and minty, and since Josh doesn't like mint, I didn't have to share.

I gave this to Josh since I'm not drinking coffee, and he said it was tasty, although a little sweet.  He likes his coffee black, so any sweetness is sweet to him.

Bring on the granola bars!  This one was great.

This might have been my favorite thing in the box.  These tasted like chewy brownies, and I definitely liked that.

I'm always happy when I see granola in the box, and this one was very tasty.  I had it over yogurt with fruit.

I'm still only drinking nut milks, probably because I can't really see myself drinking cow's milk, so this nut milk was great to have.  I packed it with some cereal for work, and I was really surprised at how flavorful it was.

Another day, another granola bar!  This one was good, too.

I'm a fan of all kinds of chips, and this mixes it up by using coconuts.  Yum!

The last two I haven't tried, but I'm saving them.  I'm not doing protein powder during my pregnancy, and I just keep forgetting to put the breath mints in my purse.  I would definitely need it after my red onion filled lunch sandwiches.


  1. I was just looking at that jalapeno skinny pop, and didn't buy it for the same reason you mentioned. Then, I was at Trader Joe's, and the dill pickle popcorn called out to me, and I tried it and loved it! It was way better than any other bagged, already popped corn I've tried. Now, I must try the jalapeno skinny pop. Spicy popcorn sounds amazing!

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