Wednesday, May 18, 2016

1st Year of Marriage

On Monday, Josh and I celebrated our first year of marriage.  It was definitely a fun milestone to hit, although as this is our 11th year together, staying married for a year didn't seem like a huge deal.  We celebrate our dating anniversary in December, which we have decided to still do.  With that one, we usually go big.  So, our wedding anniversary was understated but lovely.

It also marked a big day in our pregnancy... our anatomy scan!  That's when they give you an ultrasound, take a bunch of measurements, and tell you the gender (if you want or haven't already opted to find out.)  So, I was a little more than anxious.  I didn't sleep well the night before, and I woke up completely overwhelmed and anxious.  Chock a lot of that up to pregnancy hormones, but I was a mess.  There was basically a complete melt down before we headed into the doc office.  The ultrasound room isn't my favorite place, as it was where we found out our first pregnancy wasn't viable.

I calmed down by the time we got there, thanks to Josh, and we were whisked into the ultrasound room.  I held my breath while I got warming gel on my belly, then we got to see this....

Meet our daughter!  She was wiggling around and sucking on her fingers through a lot of the ultrasound.  It was really neat.  Thankfully, everything looked really good, and our doctor was pleased.  Honestly, it looked like a bunch of blobs for awhile, but the longer the ultrasound tech looked around, the more we could see.  We got to see her skull, back bone, heart, feet, and everything!  It was a really neat experience.

I think I was in a complete state of relief and emotionally drained by the time we got out of the room.  Josh and I both thought we were having a boy, but I was overwhelmed by happiness to discover it was a girl.  More so than I thought I would, really.  I have always had a bit of anxiety about raising a girl, since I know body issues and eating disorders were a huge part of my life.  Those can happen to boys, of course, but I know the acute pain it is to grow up as an awkward girl, unhappy in your skin.  Josh and I will do our best to raise a happy, healthy young woman.

Randomly, I had kickstarted this book a few weeks before we found out we were having a girl.  I knew it would be great for a kid, no matter what the gender.

There are still 7 days left in the campaign, so if you want to check it out, click here.

I'm very close to my mom, so I'm pretty stoked to have a daughter to share life with.  It's going to be great!

In addition to our eventful morning at the doctor, Josh and I also enjoyed lunch at the restaurant where we got married, Forty Two at the Clinton Library.  We'd actually never eaten there, besides the amazing taco bar at our wedding, so I was excited.  They sent us a free meal a year ago when we got married, and we saved it for our anniversary.  

Their lunch menu is pretty short, without many veg options, but this vegetarian hash stood out to me.  We were surprised by how HUGE the portions were, and I couldn't even finish this.  Those chips were topped with black beans, chard, tomatillo sauce, cheese, and an egg.  I made sure they didn't make it runny, since I can't have that.  It was a very tasty meal, to be sure.  

We spent the rest of the day relaxing and talking about what it will be like to have a kid.  It was definitely a great anniversary.  

All of the beautiful wedding photos were taken by Jason Crader.


  1. Congratulations on everything! How amazing that you're going to have a little girl! What a wonderful time for you guys!

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