Sunday, April 17, 2016

Springtime Park Lunch

When the days are nice, I head across the street for lunch.  I prop up my Nook, read Outlander (book 5 right now, can't stop won't stop), and have a picnic!

This first lunch was a strawberry salad with a side of crackers, pesto, and cheese.

I have been obsessed with olives lately, so all of my lunches have been FULL of them!

Sometimes I also bring sandwiches, filled with avocado!  You may be noticing a pumpkin seed theme.  They're just so delicious!

I hope the weather stays nice, so I can keep having more park picnics.


  1. What a gorgeous park. It looks so incredibly peaceful! Spring really is so amazing!

    1. It is a very peaceful place to lunch. I'm not usually as enthused about spring, but I'm really loving it this year.

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