Wednesday, January 27, 2016

WIAW: Snow Day

Last Friday, we got almost 7 inches of snow!  That might not sound like a lot to everyone that got 30 inches over the weekend, but that's a lot for us.  The temperatures hovered around freezing the next day, but it started to melt pretty quickly.  Josh and I still got to work at home Friday, so I documented what I ate that day.

We woke up and peeked outside to find tons of snow on the ground.  So, we watched the news and started making breakfast.  I had some leftover tofu scramble from breakfast for dinner a few days before, so I warmed up a little of that with a piece of toast with jam and avocado.

I made a pot of rooibos tea and got to work.  The kitties were very intrigued by the snow.  They hung out with me all day.

At noon, we decided to take a break and play a little disc golf in the snow with our friend, David.  It was cold, but it was beautiful outside.  I am terrible at discs, so 3 holes in I ended up just walking around and taking pictures.

When we got home, we were frozen and ready for hot food.  So, I made this delicious tofu salad melt with sauteed spinach.  I had some leftover tofu salad from my lunch wraps, which went great with melted daiya shreds, avocado and spinach.

We worked more in the afternoon, then later that night we binge watched Game of Thrones and I made these pot pies from Minimalist Baker.  We easily make these a co-meal.  We buy vegan and non-vegan frozen chicken shreds, then we add a little to each cup.  I usually put a sage leaf on mine so I know which ones are vegan.  We follow the recipe for everything else.

It was a great day full of warming foods!


  1. Those little pot pies are adorbs!! Also, man, it's been way too long since I've had avo-toast. I need to fix that soon.

    1. Girl, I feel like that's all I ever eat for breakfast. I love toast!

  2. Mmm, bring me pot pies plz.

  3. I just made a pot pie last week using the same recipe, but I made one big pie, the tiny ones are really cute. I also like the sage leaf on top. Pretty pictures too!

  4. Thanks! I bet it was good as one big pie!

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