Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween 2015

This year, Halloween was tons of fun!  We started off by going zombie hunting at a local paintball course, then my sister had a rockin' party Friday night, then Saturday we terrified the trick or treaters at Josh's mom's house.  This was the first time in our 10 years together that we did a couple's costume, and we did TWO.  First, we dressed up like Bob and Linda Belcher from Bob's Burgers.

Like my cranberry juice in a wine glass?  I thought it was a nice touch, since Linda drinks a lot in the cartoon.  Plus, no one asked me why I wasn't drinking.

I made quite a few snacks for my sister's party, including these tofu muffins.

I modified this recipe by doubling the tofu and nutritional yeast, only using sauteed spinach for veggies, and adding vegan cheese.  When you make these as muffins, they turn out really dense, so I cubed them and laid them out at the party.  People really liked them, and they were great for ones trying to soak up some booze in their tummies by the end of the night.

I also made brownie bites and cookies.  My sister, Casey, made a huge spread of food, including raw veggie, local Geek Eats hummus, chips, salsa, guac, and vegan southwest eggrolls.  She had lots of non-vegan stuff, too, but as she's mostly vegetarian and loves her sister, she had mostly vegan stuff to eat.


We hadn't been to a Halloween party in several years, so it was really fun.

Saturday, we headed to Fort Smith to scare the crap out of some trick or treaters.  Josh was a jaw-less zombie, Walking Dead style, and I wielded Michonne's sword to keep him at bay.  He spent most of the night on a chain, and people went crazy over it!  Kids were laughing and running and taking pictures of Josh.  It was awesome.

Josh's mom got in on the act, too.  The kids were pretty terrified to grab candy from her, especially with this zombie walking around..

It was a whole lot of fun.  Josh and I were exhausted by the time all the candy ran out at 8 pm.  His mom counted over 500 kids just in the 3 hours that we were outside.  My new goal:  move into a neighborhood with good trick or treating!

How was your Halloween?


  1. You guys looked amazing, both costumes were great! The zombie one was super gross, I almost gagged! Those tofu muffins looked delicious!

  2. WOW!!!! Another Daiya product I will probably have to wait ions for on the east coast/snow belt area! LOL YUM, tho!!!! You really went ALL OUT for Halloween! Thumbs up!

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