Tuesday, September 8, 2015


I think one of the coolest outcomes of becoming a vegan blogger is the connections you make across the web.  A lot of us live in communities where we're one of only a handful of vegans, or often, we're the only one.  I can happily say that through the blog, I've made many great connections online and some have become friends IN REAL LIFE!

I read Bianca's blog, Vegan Crunk, for years.  Her best friend and her husband, Sheridan and Drew, live right here in Little Rock.  Happily, we all got to meet up and become friends.  They're really awesome people, and I'm glad blogging and veganism has brought us all together.

Sheridan and Drew and so fun to have over for dinner and board games!  We even see each other out at other veggie events around the city.

Bianca comes to visit often, also, with her partner, Paul.  I even got to have lunch with her in Memphis at Imagine Vegan Cafe last year.  If you guys haven't gone to check that place out, you don't know what you're missing!

There is even a HUGE and growing population of vegans in Central Arkansas.  We all try to keep up with each other in our Vegan Dinner Club group, which meets often and strives to show restaurants around the city that there is a desire for good, vegan food.

I wish I could have attended Vida Vegan Con this year, because that surely would have been a great opportunity to reach out and meet tons of vegans from around the world.

You may be out there feeling like you're the only vegan in the world, or you may live in a vegan mecca where it's the norm, but just remember that there's a whole wide world of vegans online.  Blogs are a great resource to connect with people everywhere!

Do you have a large group of vegans in your area?  Do you have online vegan friends?  Leave me a comment!


  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!! Friends!!!!!!!!!! <3 I'm so happy that we finally got to meet and that y'all and Sheridan and Drew are all friends now!! Hope I get to see you next time I'm in town!

    1. Yeah!! :) We definitely need to hang out next time you're in town. :)

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