Thursday, September 24, 2015

VEGAN MOFO: Tacos with Sherlock

Today's Vegan Mofo prompt is to see what kind of vegan meal a famous person would eat if they were vegan.  I've been binge watching a lot of Sherlock lately, and we won't mention how many times I've already seen the series, but if Mr. Sherlock Holmes (otherwise known as Benedict Cumberbatch) were vegan, I'd imagine he'd deduce that these vegan tacos are delicious.

Now, of course, Sherlock wouldn't eat if he was working.  Slows the digestion, doesn't it.  Once brilliantly solved his case, though, I'd take him out to The Fold for some tasty tacos.

The Fold has two tacos that can be made vegan, but they have tons of sides.  Their food is light and fresh, perfect to keep our Mr. Holmes looking his sleek and sexy self.

See my other reviews of the fold:

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What famous person would you take to dinner, and what would you serve them?  Have you seen other funny blog posts today?  Leave me a comment!


  1. For some reason I find it hard to imagine Sherlock eating at all - such trivial things seem almost beneath him! I love the idea of him tucking into something a bit messy to eat, like tacos. Great idea!

    1. I agree! It's very weird to think of him eating, but I'd love to see him get messy ;)

  2. Still haven't been there! Sheridan & I tried to go once, but they were packed and there was a wait. Eventually, I will make it to The Fold and to Three Fold. So many "folds" in LR!

  3. Great choice for this post! Happy MoFo to ya! First time reader! Glad I stopped by! I'm over at swing by when and if you can. I haven't seen that version of Sherlock Holmes but I am currently watching the TV Series Elementary! I really like it! Great writing on the series!

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