Friday, September 18, 2015

VEGAN MOFO: My Veganism Cheerleader

Today, for Vegan Mofo, we are supposed to honor a human or non-human that inspires our veganism.  Today is Josh's birthday, and he's my biggest cheerleader.  When we started dating 10 years ago, I wasn't vegan.  I also didn't cook.  So, when I started learning more about food 3 years into our relationship and went vegan, he didn't bat an eyelash.  He has always supported me through my journey, and although he's not vegan himself, his compassion and honesty about who he is inspires me to be myself, too.

Josh is the best menu checker there is!  When we're out with other people, he ALWAYS makes sure that the restaurants being suggested will have vegan options for me.  He saves BBQ restaurants for lunches out with coworkers, and he always makes sure I can get a good meal.

Aside from being totally goofy, he's kind, and he's never once put me down for my beliefs.  He knows that veganism is a huge part of my being, and he has always respected that.  He eats mostly vegan at home, so he gets to take advantage of all of my cooking.

His favorite meat substitute is eggplant, so whenever I want to make him something special, I make our go-to Ratatouille dish!  I found it online years and years ago, and it really stuck.  We make it often, and it's always tasty.

So, to my husband, on your birthday, I love you more than I could ever write, and you inspire me every day to be a good and happy person.

Who inspires your veganism?  Do you have a good support system?  Leave me a comment!


  1. What a lovely post! My partner is also very supportive and spends more time on Happy Cow than I do, checking we've always got good options!

  2. Happy Birthday, Josh! You two are too cute together :)

    I'm sharing this post on Vegan MoFo Blog on the weekly Round Up.


  3. This is so sweet! My husband wasn't vegan when started to date, and he has always supported me. I taught him mostly about nutrition, maybe as a way of assuring him I wasn't going to die? We had a pact, I would happily make dinner, but I wouldn't make him meat. There were a few times I did, but mostly like sauteeing meat for a taco. If he wanted meat, he had to cook it. So he pretty much was on a vegan diet. The funny thing is that he became more worried about my food than I was. Like when eating out he would always ask "will YOU be okay?" Now he is vegan, which I am not surprised because I think he is a lot more compassionate about animals than I am (I use to be the one taking out the mouse traps! XD)

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