Monday, August 3, 2015

Hawaii Honeymoon: The Timeline

Hey everybody!  I'm back, and I had an amazing time on my honeymoon.  This week, I'll be sharing posts every day on our trip.  The topics are as follows:

-Today:  Timeline of the trip:  where we stayed, etc.
-Tuesday:  Eating vegan while traveling.
-Wednesday:  Eating vegan on Oahu
-Thursday:  Eating vegan on Kauai
-Friday:  Activities along the way

Today, I want to give you a general run down of the trip.  Here goes:

Josh and I were off work on July 3rd because of the 4th Holiday, so we went and had lunch at Three Fold Noodles.  It seems like all of our life moments lately have involved Three Fold.  I turn the big 3-0 this month, and I'm sure I'll find myself slurping some noodles.

While we were out, we picked up new sunglasses!

Later that day, I started laying everything out to be packed for the trip.  We'd be gone 10 days, and we had quite a bit of hiking and snorkeling gear to fit in our bag.  Last year, on our Virgin Islands trip, our bag weighed over 50 pounds and we had to pay extra money, so we didn't want that to happen this year.  As I laid everything out, I started to realize that my bathing suits were nowhere to be found.  Mind you, I had purchased 3 new suits and a cover up on Amazon for the trip, and I couldn't find them anywhere.  Dread washed over me as I realized I had left them in the bedroom set we'd given to Josh's cousin the week before.  I had a big cry, then realized I had one suit from our camping trip and another that my lovely friend, Charinda, had just given me. So, with 2 suits, I sucked it up and figured that was fine.  It was a bit of a bummer not to have the ones I'd bought, but in the end, I was still going to Hawaii.

Saturday we finalized packing, ran a few errands, including snagging a new Nook (which I'm obsessed with!), and getting some sleep.  We had a long day of flying and an early Sunday morning flight.  We caught a cab to the airport on Sunday morning and started the trip.  Here was our flight path:

Little Rock -----> Dallas
shortest layover EVER.  They were looking for us when we ran up to the gate

Dallas ----> LA
long enough time to grab a quick lunch

LA ----> Honolulu

We arrived in Honolulu on Oahu around 4:30 their time, which was 9:30 our time.  We were tired but generally excited to be there, so once we got our bags, we took a cab to our hotel, the Coconut Waikiki.  It doesn't look like much from the outside, but it was back on the Ala Wai Canal and a few blocks off Waikiki Beach.  Inside, the hotel was beautiful.  The staff were incredibly nice, and we loved our stay.  This hotel is super affordable, so I would highly recommend it if you're thinking about going to Oahu.

Our room was cozy, with a tiny kitchen, and a very comfortable bed.  Josh and I dumped our stuff and headed out for food.  More on that later.

We don't have cable at home, so when we're in hotels, we really take advantage of it.  We spent a lot of time laying in bed watching Jurassic Park.

We originally planned to be on Oahu to see one of our best friends who currently lives in Morocco, but his summer plans took him to India, which I'm sure was amazing.  We were so glad that we added Oahu to our honeymoon.  We weren't sure if we'd love Waikiki Beach, because it's very populated, but it was awesome.  Josh and I spent our mornings searching for good food (and drinks) and seeing the sights.  One day we walked 12 miles!  I had my Vivo Fit on the whole time, so it was fun to see our step count.  Here are some teaser shots of what we did:

We stayed on Oahu Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday night.  We mostly walked, swam, relaxed, and ate great food.  On Wednesday, we checked out and headed to Kauai!

I think my heart is still in Kauai.  I have never experienced such a beautiful place.  Josh and I have vowed to go back every so often.  It was magical.

We stayed at the The Westin Princeville, thanks to my amazing parents.  We had a studio suite, with a small kitchen and a view of the ocean.

Yes, just look at that bath tub.  I could lay in it and watch TV, which I did most nights.  It was heaven.  Here are some snap shots from the resort.  It was so lovely!

Of course, we had an entire island to explore, which we did!  We were on Kauai for a week, and every day I feel more and more in love with the place.  I'll give you a more detailed explanation of places we visited, but here are some snippets:

After a week, we sadly had to say good-bye to this beautiful place.  We flew back to Oahu with a long layover before we took the red eye back to the mainland.

We needed pillows for the long flight back home.  Josh got a frog and I got a panda.  I named him Ralph, and Josh's was Al Croaker.  The red eye was pretty horrible.  I'm not a fan of spending the night on small planes.  I say small because there was no center row of seats.

We landed in Phoenix very early in the morning and had a 4 hour layover before our flight to Dallas.  This was SUPPOSED to be our flight path back:

Lihue ----> Honolulu
Honolulu ----> Phoenix
Phoenix ----> Dallas
Dallas ----> Little Rock

You can probably tell that this didn't happen.  Ten minutes before we boarded our flight to Dallas, they delayed it 3 hours.  Josh and I knew that this would make us miss our connection, so we immediately headed to the customer service desk, which was manned by 1 person.  After a half an hour, they outright cancelled the flight, and the line behind us grew.  It took us what seemed like an hour to actually talk to someone about our flight.  At this point, we'd already been traveling for a day, and United had rebooked us for a morning flight, stretching our travel to 3 days.  We were hoping to avoid this.  Thankfully, they got us on a flight to Charolette, NC, then to Little Rock.  It added many hours to our flight time, but we got home that day.  Our amazing friends, David and Kimmy, watched our kitties while we were gone, and Kimmy picked us up from the airport at 11 pm.  Unfortunately, our A/C had died during our trip, and the temps in Little Rock were above 100 degrees in the day.

Thankfully, we have a window unit in our craft room that we never use, so we cranked it up, dragged our futon mattress into the room, and stayed there for days until the AC was fixed.

It was so hot in the house that the coconut oil turned liquid!

We had a new bedroom set delivered the day after we got back, and I felt pretty bad for the guys who had to set it up in the heat.  It turned out great, though.

Watch the blog all this week for more posts on Hawaii!


  1. Thank you for all the beautiful pictures! I've always wanted to go to Hawaii, so it was nice seeing some of it. That tree is amazing! I just want to live under it forever! I'm glad you had an amazing honeymoon, despite some hiccups with the flight!

  2. yay! Can't wait to read more (and see more pics) from your trip!

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