Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Hawaii Honeymoon: Eating Vegan While Traveling

Oh Airports... sometimes they are bursting with great food options, and other times, not so much (I'm looking at you, La Guardia!)  Usually, I travel with tons of snacks (cliff bars, nuts, etc), but we went to Hawaii pretty light.  I did have a stash of mini vegan bars in my back pack just in case, but we had a decent time flying.

We left Little Rock pretty early, so Josh and I hit Starbucks for an ice coffee with soy and a banana.  We didn't have any time to scrounge for food in Dallas, since our connection was so tight, so when we landed in LA, it was time to chow down.

After deplaning, we headed for the bathroom, and as we passed a large food court area, I spotted Real Food Daily.

I knew Real Food Daily to be a vegan establishment, and I was so excited!  Josh headed for a burger truck, and I stood in front of the boards trying to decide what to eat.  I finally settled on the Burrito Bowl.  I wanted a piece of cake for the flight to Hawaii, but I decided against it.  This meal was pretty pricey (almost 20 bucks), but it was yummy.

The burrito bowl had romaine, beans, rice, salsa, guac, and cashew sour cream.  Talk about a hearty lunch!  This kept me full the 6 hour plane ride and another 2 hours while we got to our hotel and found dinner.  I wish we had a Real Food Daily here!

Josh is an omnivore, so he can find food pretty much anywhere.  He's always on the lookout for things or places I can eat, though, and he's very flexible to accommodate me.  This food court was perfect, because he was able to get a burger and still sit and share a meal with me.  It was definitely a win-win.  We've become very good over the years at determining which restaurants can give the most pleasurable experience to both of us.

Another good example of compromise was this meal we had on our way back at the Honolulu airport.  We got up and had breakfast in our room (pb&j's), then headed to the airport.  We flew to Honolulu and decided we would check in, go through security, and find a good lunch.  When we landed, we realized we were about a 20 minute walk across the airport to the American terminal (we flew inter-island on Hawaiin Air).  So, we walked down and tried to check in, unfortunately, our tickets were booked American but served by United, and their counter didn't open for another 2 hours.  So, we couldn't check our bags or go through security.  We spent our time at an airport bar, watching crazy people.  Finally, we checked in and got through.

By then, we were STARVING, and it was closer to dinner time.  So, we walked the length of the airport and decided on a brew place, which had comfy seats and tables.  After one look at the menu, though, we realized I couldn't eat anything.  So, off we went back down to the end of the concourse to Umai Zushi.

We both decided on a salad and a warm dish, since we were catching the red eye and wouldn't be eating until Phoenix in the morning.

I started with the house salad, which was MASSIVE.  After all the traveling and airport bar drinking, I knew I wanted something fresh to balance me out.  This was quite tasty.

For my meal, I ordered the curry with tofu.  Japanese curry served here was more like a gravy than a Thai curry that I like normally, but it was warm and filling.  It wasn't a great meal, but it was food.

We got off the plane in Phoenix at 7 am their time, and we were feeling groggy from the red eye.  We went in search of coffee, and I found this salad.

It was the most amazing thing I could have hoped for in an area of limited food.  I'm telling you, cannellini beans for breakfast should be a thing.  This kept me full all morning, which was good, because after our flight to Dallas got cancelled, we had a short 15 minutes to order Pei Wei, sprint to the plane, and scarf down lunch before heading to Charlotte.  We didn't have time to eat before our flight to Little Rock, but with all the weird time changing and the heat in Little Rock, we just went to bed.

So, airports can have great food or no food, but hopefully you find somewhere in between.

Are any of you out there in mixed vegan/non-vegan relationships?  How do you manage traveling and eating out?  What's the best thing you've found to eat at an airport?  Leave me a comment


  1. I haven't flown in ages, but i am in a relationship with a non-vegan. We just seek out restaurants that either are vegan friendly, or at least have something I can work with. It's easier said than done when traveling, that's for sure!

  2. Yay for good airport food finds! I'm always either amazed at airport options (Salt Lake City!) or completely disappointed (Minneapolis...). When Paul and I travel, we try to squeeze in a few vegan-friendly omni places for him, but we mostly just go where I want because I do the planning. haha

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