Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Hawaii Honeymoon: Eating Vegan on Oahu

Honolulu has so much amazing food, and we enjoyed every bite!  It was really easy to find vegan options pretty much anywhere.  We got up every morning, and I would google around, looking at menus and other blogs for inspiration on where our tummies would take us that day.  Here is a list of all the amazing food we had on Oahu.

Siam Square 

This may have been my favorite meal, and it was on the first day.  We dropped our bags at the hotel and went down to the end of the block to Siam Square.  It was still early, so they weren't terribly busy, but it filled up quick.  The restaurant smelled amazing, and the staff were incredibly nice.  We were pretty jet lagged, but we pushed through.

I ordered the green curry with tofu.  A weird thing that we noticed in Hawaii is you usually have to pay extra for rice.  Seemed strange, but oh well, bring on the carbs!  This curry dish was rich and comforting and so delicious.  The tofu was crispy, and the veggies were perfectly cooked.  I want to eat it again right now!

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If you find yourself on Waikiki Beach, do not miss this!  It's back on the canal, but it's worth the walk if you're on the beach side.

Pho 777

Josh and I walked 12 miles one day.  We went and had an amazing breakfast (which I'll tell you about below), went to the aquarium, walked the beach, took a nap, then went out for lunch and on to a huge shopping center.  Lunch was Pho 777.  It was tucked in an unassuming shopping center, and inside was very reminiscent of any Vietnamese place I've ever been.  Josh says this was his worst meal on the trip, but I didn't think it was that bad.  We got tofu spring rolls, which were tasty, although the sauce was a little on the sweet side, and banh mi's.

The banh mi bread was a little tougher than I'd like, which made the sandwich more difficult to eat.  The pickled veggies were a little on the sweet side, as well.

The tofu was cooked well, though, and the whole thing was fresh and filling.  It was just what we needed for another 5 or so miles we walked that day.  However, it was no Pho Vietnam.

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There were many great looking restaurants in the little shopping center, from Ramen to Thai food, so it's definitely worth checking out.

House without a Key

The concierge at our hotel thought himself something of a foodie.  The first day we checked in, we asked him where to get a bite to eat, and he exclaimed, "House without a key!"  Then, he proceeded to show us his home made binder with menus from tons of local restaurants.  That night, we settled for Thai food, but the last night of our Waikiki stay found us at House without a Key.

This hotel/restaurant is beach front, and it has a great view of the sunset and live music.  So, we got there early and had some drinks.  We hadn't eaten much all day, so we wanted a leisurely dinner of many courses while we listened to live music and enjoyed the beautiful beach sunset.  

Our server informed us that the soup of the day was a curry cauliflower coconut soup, so we jumped on that.  We had a side of fries as well.  The fries weren't great, but the soup was amazing.  It had rich flavors and a silky texture.

I had the vegetable croquette burger, which was piled high with avocado, hot sauce, and lettuce.  The texture of the patties was amazing.  It was stuffed with veggies with a crispy, fried exterior.  It was an incredibly rich and filling dinner.  I knew we'd have to go for a looooong walk after.

Even though we were pretty stuffed, we don't usually pass up sorbet.  We decided on the pineapple one, but our waiter insisted we try the coconut as well.  I'm glad he did, because it was definitely my favorite.

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This dinner was pricey, but it was our honeymoon, and we were entitled to at last one!  I had a great time here, and I would definitely go back.

Seaside Bar and Grill

We woke up the morning after our 12 mile day with what felt like gaping holes in our tummies.  We needed food, and we needed it fast.  I got on the internet and started looking around, and I found this greasy spoon.  It was a perfect little dining, famous for their coconut pancakes, and that's where we found ourselves having breakfast.

You can order their egg burrito with extra veggies instead of eggs, so that's what I got, along with a pineapple boat and tons of coffee.  It was definitely a hearty, no frills meal.  We enjoyed it, though.  For the meat eater, they have tons of options.  This is also the kind of place that serves you a huge pile of rice with your meal if you want, something I loved about breakfast in Hawaii.

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The vegan options on the menu aren't huge, but it's easy to get a good meal.  Hawaii in general was pretty easy, what with all the fruit and rice!

Lulu's Waikiki

Our favorite restaurant on Oahu was Lulu's.  We started looking around for an open air place to have breakfast when I spotted Lulu's online.  Not only did the restaurant look comfortable and have a great view, they had TOFU BENEDICT on the menu.  Sold, put your shoes on, we're going!

Of course, we were on vacation, so we got some mai tai's too.  They were so tasty!  Josh loved this place, because it was open, faced the beach, and had multiple kinds of benedict.

Just look at those beauties!  I couldn't get enough of all the fresh pineapple!  

The tofu benedict was amazing.  It came out with two baked slabs of tofu, topped with wilted spinach, olive tapenade, and fresh sliced tomatoes.  I had it with a side of fruit, which came topped with coconut.  Until Hawaii, I didn't think I was a fan of shaved coconut, but boy was I wrong.  After that, I ordered anything with coconut.  Josh and also had some roasted potatoes on the side that were SO good.

The morning we flew to Kauai, we had a little time to snag breakfast.  We couldn't figure out what we felt like, until we both realized we wanted Lulu's again!  I wanted the tofu benedict again, but I ordered an English muffin to go with it.  I wanted to pile it on top.  I also did a side of rice instead of fruit, because IT'S HAWAII!

They were a little skimpier with the olives this morning, but this breakfast was still great.  It powered me through airports and rental car places and hotel checkin.  Come back tomorrow, and I'll tell you about our meals on Kauai!

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We didn't know how much we would love Honolulu, but the food certainly enchanted us.  The area is incredibly beautiful, too.  I'll share more pictures of that on Friday.

Have you ever been to Hawaii?  What were your favorite places to eat?  Do you love a side of rice for breakfast as much as me??  Leave me a comment!


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