Friday, August 28, 2015

30 Things I Did in my 20's

Yesterday, I turned the big 3-0.  I'm feeling really good about my 20's and incredibly excited about what's to come in my 30's.  To celebrate this big birthday, I wanted to look back on the past decade and embrace all the wonderful things that have happened.  There were hard things and let downs and injuries, like every life, but I'm a glass half full kind of person, and I like to embrace the positive!

I've also snagged some of my favorite pictures over the past decade to share.  I'm fortunate to have already had so many great experiences, and I can only imagine that the next decade will be full of many more.


  • 1 fell in love with my best friend

  • 2 studied in Italy and visited many cool places across europe

  • 3 went to music festivals and saw great bands
  • 4 went vegetarian
  • 5 quickly went vegan

  • 6 started cooking
  • 7 rescued a tiny kitten who made us a family
  • 8 started backpacking
  • 9 watched my mom crush cancer
  • 10 graduated from architecture school

  • 11 started cycling

  • 12 moved to Little Rock

  • 13 watched a lot of great friends have awesome weddings

  • 14 experienced great loss
  • 15 broke my leg
  • 16 started practicing yoga
  • 17 ran two half marathons

  • 18 bought a house
  • 19 became a licensed Architect
  • 20 made some paintings
  • 21 started a vegan food blog
  • 22 started learning about photography
  • 23 started writing an online food column for a local paper
  • 24 walked through buildings that were created from my mind
  • 25 adopted two more kitties
  • 26 watched my friends make amazing kids
  • 27 married my best friend

  • 28 went on an awesome 10 day trip to Hawaii

  • 29 learned to stop hating my body and be happy today
  • 30 started looking forward to my 30's

I'm so fortunate to have the best family, friends, and partner that a girl could ask for. So, bring it, 30's! I can't wait!

How do you feel about birthdays? Do you like to reflect on the past? Leave me a comment!


  1. Happy Birthday! Congratulations on all you've accomplished so far! I adore all the pictures, and look forward to so many more!

  2. Happy birthday!! I turned 30 this year too. Your list is making me think of my own, which is brilliant as I love self reflection. Different ups and downs for sure, but being 30 rocks. The first 3rd of my life is over (and all those growing up struggles are over, too!) Embarking on the second 3rd of life is really exciting for me - hope you are also looking forward to kicking ass for the next 30 years! :D

    1. Absolutely! I love your attitude. I wouldn't change anything about my 20's, but I think 30's are going to rock hard. :D


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