Friday, July 3, 2015

Vegan Car Camping Menu

A few weekends ago, we loaded our car down to go car camping, or glamping, at Woolly Hollow State Park with some friends.  Josh and I had been there once before in the winter, but we wanted to go back when we could take advantage of the lake.  Usually, when we're camping, we're backpacking, so we have to take very light food.  This time around, we had coolers and the car, so we went all out!

We headed out for the 40 minute drive on a Friday after Josh got off work.  We got there with plenty of daylight to set up our hammocks and unload the massive amount of gear from our car.

Before we left, I did some shopping and minimal food prep.  With some good menu planning and a little work ahead of time, you can have a great spread of food for the entire weekend.  Here was our menu:

Vegan Car Camping Weekend

Friday Night

  • sandwich (made ahead)
  • vegan smores
  • beverage of choice
  • Breakfast
    • tofu scramble (made ahead)
    • precooked potato and sweet potato cubes (made ahead)
    • avocado and salsa for topping
    • fruit
  • Lunch
    • sandwich of:
      • vegan cheese slices
      • baked tofu
      • lettuce
      • avocado
      • vegan mayo
    • vegan jerky
    • apples
  • Dinner
    • veggie burger with leftover toppings from lunch
    • potato pouches
      • potato
      • broccoli
      • bell pepper
      • onion
      • earth balance
  • Breakfast
    • sopapilla pancakes
      • mix dry ingredients and bring in container
      • bring almond milk with vanilla mixed in
      • bring small container of oil
      • mix at campsite and cook on flat top
    • berries

We rarely ever have the luxury of a car grill and huge frying pans, so making this breakfast was a real treat.  It powered us through a day of kayaking and swimming.  Tofu scramble keeps really well, so just make sure it's in a water tight container, and throw it in the cooler.

Our breakfast beverage of choice were instant coffee and teeny cans of mimosas.  Such a treat!

Even if you're not hiking all day, you have to stay hydrated.  Mama nalgene goes with me everywhere.

Somehow, I didn't take pictures of lunch (too hungry) or dinner (too dark).  So, I have more breakfast shots!

This little container I found at Kroger worked great!  I put the dry ingredients inside, then when we were ready, I mixed in the wet ingredients.  The recipe makes a bunch of little pancakes without a ton of ingredients, and they're so tasty.  If your batter feels a bit thick, just mix in some water.

Puppies are great camping companions, too.  This is Prudence, our friend Alan's dog.  She's pretty.

My friend, Kimmy, took my camera and got a bunch of good shots around the camp.

The lake is pretty small, but we had a lot of fun out on kayaks.  Now I have an urge to buy one.  Must resist.

Backpacking is nice, but sometimes it's fun to load down the car and go camping.  We are hoping one day we'll be camping with some offspring, so we're hoarding gear in preparation now.  I hope our future kids like pancakes!

Do you go camping?  What are your favorite foods to bring?  Leave me a comment!


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