Monday, July 27, 2015

Chain Restaurant Review: On the Border

I love good food, and I prefer local restaurants to chains, but sometimes you're out and about and you're hungry.  Josh and I run errands often, and while Little Rock is booming with great restaurants, there are not a lot of good food options around our immediate area.  So, when we found ourselves walking out of the Academy Sport parking lot on a Thursday night into the aroma of the On The Border restaurant next door, we realized we were starving.  We'd had a not great Chef Shuttle  experience, but we'd never eaten in the restaurant, so we decided to risk it.

We didn't go in expecting a whole lot.  We thought we'd have some mediocre food, but we wouldn't go hungry.  What we found was pleasantly surprising!  First off, our salsa was actually really good.  I've always been partial to the store brand On the Border salsa, so to me, this was tasty.

I really didn't expect to find much on the menu besides a salad or some veggie fajitas, but I was immediately happy to see this Grilled Portobello Mushroom bowl!  I ordered it without cheese, some fresh guacamole, and a sangria.

The guacamole was recently prepared and very tasty.  The sangria was a little weird, because it contained a strong shot of rum, but I enjoyed it none the less.

When my bowl arrived, I was really happy.  The ingredients were light and fresh, without a lot of unnecessary oil.  The chimichurri sauce was spicy and a little rich, which was a good compliment to all the lighter ingredients.  The mushrooms were grilled and not slimey.  Overall, I was really impressed with this healthy, vegan option, and I'll be ordering it again.

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  1. I've never heard of rum in a sangria! The bowl looks amazing. Grilled Portobellos are the best!

    1. Yeah, the rum was weird, but kind of tasty!

  2. I always forget about On the Border! I should check it out again! That bowl looks awesome.

    1. I always forget too, but it's surprisingly good!


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