Monday, July 6, 2015

Apps I'm Lovin'

If you're like me, your phone is attached at the face.  I'm currently in Hawaii, and hopefully my phone is locked far away in a bag, feeling lonely.  I'm giving myself a bit of a technology break for July, but that doesn't mean I can't share with you all the things I love about tech.  This week, I'm bringing you the apps, podcasts, and blogs that enrich my life.  Today, we're talking about apps.  Not only do apps make vegan life easier, but I feel the ones I'm about to mention help in a lot of different aspects.  These are in no particular order.

Disclaimer:  I have not been contacted by any of these apps.  I have purchased or downloaded them on my own accord, and I'm sharing them today because I like them.  I will always alert you if I've been contacted to do a review.

My current favorite app is Running for Weight Loss.  I've used a bunch of running apps, and they're all pretty ugly.  This one is minimalist and easy to use, plus it has several training features.  I'm going the couch to 5k right now.

Plant eaters is a great app that lets you see what other vegetarians and vegans have ordered at restaurants near you.  I've been tagging things all across Little Rock, but I don't think a lot of others in my area use this app.  I'd love to see more people get on board.  Judging from the larger world map, this app seems to be very popular in larger urban areas.

I'm an audio book fanatic, so the Audible app is almost always running.  I've been a member for several years now, so my book collection is HUGE.  They also send you emails every day with daily deals, so I end up picking up a lot of books for 2 bucks.  I just finished Fat Girl Walking, and I can't recommend it enough.  I'm a huge fan of biographies and memoirs, but I love a good fiction book, too.

I mostly listen to audio books when I'm driving, but I like them on walks as well.  I listen to them a little bit at work, but that's usually when I'm digging into podcasts.  More on those later this week.

I'm constantly listening to music, so when I'm not at my computer, I use the Google Play app.  It doesn't work great on apple os, and there's not an ipad app, but it works enough.

I recently snagged a refurbished vivo fit on amazon, and I'm loving it!  It's going to tide me over until my wedding present from my amazing friend, Devon, arrives.  She snagged me a leaf, which is so cool that you just have to go see for yourself.  Fertility tracking, here I come!

The vivo tells me to get off my butt if I've been sitting for too long, and I sync it with Garmin's App.  It all works pretty well, so far.

When my beloved igoogle, complete with my blog feed and tabs, was gone, I had to find a way to store all my blogs.  For awhile, I kept a running list on the sidebar of the blog, but it got to be excessive.  Now, I keep my feed in Bloglovin.  I find myself reading less now adays, but I never miss my favorites (Vegan Crunk, NeverHomeMaker, etc).  I tend always read the blogs that give you a more personal look into someone's life, and I save the pretty food blogs for when I'm bored or need something to read.  I'll tell you about all the blogs I follow later this week.

I've been submitting to and drooling over Finding Vegan since it started.  You can find a link to all my accepted posts on the side bar.  They finally put out an app, and it's great.  The thing I love about finding vegan is the submissions are a good snap shot of what's currently going on in the vegan blogging world.  It's great for inspiration.

Speaking of inspiration, that brings me to perhaps my favorite and most time soaking app, instagram.  As I've stopped doing more daily eats posts, I tend to post a lot of meal pictures on my feed.  (If you guys watch the Whine About It Wednesday posts, which are hilarious, you'll find a rant about instagram this week.  I'm so guilty of most of the things he talks about.)  I follow a ton of people for inspiration in all types of areas.  Please bare with me while I share with you my favorite instagram feeds and how they inspire me!

I follow a bunch of local feeds and friends, which keep me up to date on which vegan meals in town I should be checking out.

Instagram is full of body positive feeds.  In a world where fitspo, I try to surround myself with beautiful examples of plus size fashion and body positivity.  I have nothing against skinny girls, I'm just not one of them.

There are an incredible amount of funky, awesome vegans out there living life and posting amazing pictures.  I'm not as big of a fan of the feeds where every picture is perfect, with "clean" food and white backgrounds.  I want to see everything, people!

I got a little into raw blogs for awhile, but then stuff like this drove me nuts:

People, how is anyone supposed to eat that without getting a lap full of cacao banana?  Seriously.

So, those are the apps that I currently love.  I use more, of course, but those are the standouts.  Hope you guys had a great Fourth of July (for all the Americans)!  Everyone else, I hope your weekend rocked as well.

What are your favorite apps?  Do you follow a lot of great vegan instagram feeds?  Leave me a comment!


  1. I'm now indebted to you for introducing me to Matt Bellasai's Whine About it Wednesdays. I just about spit my coffee all over my keyboard. him!! (SF)

  2. Oooh, I'll have to check out Planteaters! Also, thanks for the blog and Instagram shout-outs! And cool seeing Vegan Roadie here. I'm having dinner with him at Imagine tonight! He's in Memphis filming an episode. :-) Also, the Leaf sounds awesome. Love that it monitors breathing. I have a FitBit One and I LOVE IT. The only thing I wish mine had is heart rate.

  3. Aww, you are so sweet to post my lil' Instagram page! I love following you too! It's great that we have some awesome local people posting! I definitely learn a ton about what's available and when from my Instagram feed.

  4. My favorite apps are NexTrack (track exericse and get point to redeem for cools stuff), Instagram (glassesgirl79), PhotoGrid (create photo collages to post on Instagram), HootSuite (to post to social media website all at one place), Happy Cow, More Than Salad, Is It Vegan, Vegan Steven, VeganXpress. Apps that allow you to take surveys for points or money I love are CheckPoints, On Go, Panel App, Receipt Hog, ReceiptPal and Shopkick and Swagbucks.

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