Monday, June 8, 2015

Tour de Rock 2015

On Saturday, I completed my third Tour de Rock.  It's my favorite bike race, and we had a blast.  We did the 50 mile course this year, but because of CRAZY river flooding in Little Rock, the course was cut down by about 6 miles.  To check out some of the high waters and river trail closings, Erin and I rode on Tuesday before the race.

Now, this part of the trail was completely closed, and it goes waaaaay down into Burns Park.  We couldn't believe how much the river had risen!

We celebrated our gloriously flooded ride with a beer at Lost 40.  I went easy on the workouts for the rest of the week, because we weren't really trained to do a 50 mile bike race.  I did make us a delicious, home cooked dinner to carb load on Friday, but I'll tell you about that later this week.

My riding partners, the Brights, are amazing!  We met at Diamond Bear at 7 am and got ready to ride.  We were clever in parking here, because after the race we put up our bikes and had some lunch.  More on that in a sec.

Erin and I made a magical system at the rest stops, where we balanced our bikes together without having to put them on the ground.  It worked about half the time.

I don't have a modern bike.  My Vetta (that's her name) is an '85 Cannondale (same age as me!), and she's built for speed!  I don't climb very well, but I'm super fast, which is why I love this race.  It's completely flat.  You don't need an expensive bike or to be rail thin to go out and have some fun on the road.  This bike has been with me for years, and while I would like to have a modern one, I don't think I'll ever let her go.

We had a good ride, and I even jumped into a super fast pace line for a little bit.  It was hot, about 90 degrees (F), when we finished, so we were happy to chug some water and have a victory beer!

We were very happy to be back off our bikes!  Our only problem was that we had to ride back to our cars, which was painful but short.

They provide lunch and beer and water at the end of the race, but it's BBQ, so we decided to make alternate plans for lunch.  I called Josh when we finished, and he met us for a post ride carb fest.

I had so many beverages to consume!  I chugged a Gatorade, had a root beer (they make it in house and it's AMAZING), and a beer.  The beer, though, went to Josh.  I really needed water.  I inhaled most of the hummus platter.  It was so good.

Josh thought the foam on his beer looked like a dog, and the rest of us agreed/argued about which animal it looked like.

I had the veggie sandwich (without cheese), which I've written about here.  This sandwich is killer.  The fig preserve really makes it amazing.  They had a special Thai quinoa salad, so I had that on the side.  Overall, it was an amazing lunch.  When we got home, I crashed so hard.  I slept for a couple hours, drank another Gatorade, then slept some more.  I didn't really get out of bed, but I did get in some good television watching.  It was a great day!

Do you cycle?  What's your favorite thing to eat after a big workout?  Leave me a comment!


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