Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Food Truck Review: Agrilla the Bun

A friend of mine from college just opened up a new food venture with her husband called Agrilla the Bun.  First off, amazing name, right?  Second, they have a great menu with tons of veggie options!  Jennifer and Grayson are a fun couple looking to make amazing food for the hungry of Central Arkansas and festival goers beyond.  Jen's a veggie lover, like myself, so the options on their menu are hearty and tasty.

I recently caught up with them at a fundraiser for the Legends of Arkansas.  It was their first outing, and they did great.  Their food cart was busy the whole time I was there, and they managed to churn out tasty throw backs like burgers and tacos, as well as salads and grilled cheese.

Their food cart is a red beast of a food making machine.  I hovered around them taking pictures of their various orders, which was really fun.  When it came time to finding something to eat myself, I tried the curry burger.

The vegan patty is home made a gluten free, and it's flavored with great seasoning and notes of curry.  Jennifer and I have been discussing various ways to make a hearty vegan burger that can withstand the griddle.  The patty lost a little structural integrity, but it was so tasty.  Once I had it on a nicely grilled bun and topped with vegan mayo and veggies, it was a delicious dinner.

Agrilla doesn't forget about vegans when it comes to toppings.  They have salad dressings and burger toppings, sure to delight your taste buds.

They're just getting started, but already they're dishing out the kind of food we love and remember from our childhoods.  I'd love to see a sexy vegan grilled cheese on the menu!

Their salads look really great, too!  I snapped this picture of someone else's order, and next time I think I might go for the veggies.

You can check out Agrilla's website here, or follow them on their facebook page for the next time they're rolling into a place near you.


  1. Awesome! The food looks great! I hate it that we missed this event. We'll definitely have to catch them soon!

  2. That is an awesome name! And how cool that they're offering vegan options!!

    1. It's such a great name! They're really cool people, and they're constantly improving and working on the menu. Next up I hear: vegan grilled cheese with chao slices. I want them now!!

  3. I love seeing vegan options in places like Arkansas. Looks great!

    1. Yeah! Our vegan community in Central Arkansas is definitely booming. There are a lot of people in the area working to make great things happen. :)


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