Friday, May 22, 2015

Zhajiang Noodles at Three Fold

Three Fold has easily become my favorite new restaurant in Little Rock, because they have a simple, elegant menu that gives equal weight to vegetarian dishes.  They really put a lot of care into their food, which are vegan friendly, and they recently added a new Saturday only dish, Zhajiang noodles.

After some internet sleuthing, I found that zhajiang is a salty, fermented soybean paste, traditionally served over wheat noodles and pork.  Three Fold wants to make sure that their veggie patrons get options, too, so they have a tofu dish as well.  I recently tried it, and it was very tasty.

The noodles are topped with cucumber and cilantro, which really help to cut the spicy noodles.  You get an incredible amount of food, as well.  Josh and I split some dumplings with this noodle bowl, and we had tons of leftovers to take home.  Don't get me started on how good the dumplings are... definitely my favorite dish.

I like these Saturday-only noodles even better than their regular noodle dish.  It's definitely worth going and checking out.  If you're lucky, they'll be serving these sesame balls as well, which are sweet and lightly fried.

They are filled with red bean paste and are incredibly tasty, much like everything else at Three Fold.

Unfortunately, I missed the most recent 8 course vegetarian dinner at the restaurant, but I did get to interview the crew before the dinner.  You can see my write up here.

Check out my first review of Three Fold here.   Typically, I only give a restaurant a full write up once, but if they continue to improve their menu and add new veggie dishes, I'll keep coming back to try them and write about it.

Have you ever tried zhajiang noodles?  What's your favorite new restaurant in your area?  Leave me a comment!


I'm sure a lot of you regular readers want to see some wedding pictures!  I haven't received the professional photographer shots, yet, but here are some pictures I stole from my friends.  I'll do a more detailed post soon, but it was amazing, I married my best friend, and there were DINOSAURS!

On Monday, we went to turn in our marriage license, and lucky for us, Three Fold is right around the block.  So, we celebrated with some tasty food.

I got the half noodles/half buns with spicy sauce.  It was so yummy!

Not only is the food great, but the people running Three Fold are truly lovely.  Josh has become obsessed with their bun.  If you haven't checked them out already, you're missing out!


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