Friday, May 1, 2015

Restaurant Review: Superior Bathhouse Brewery and Distillery

It seems like I've been eating a lot of good food in Hot Springs lately, and my favorite thus far has been Superior Bathhouse Brewery and Distillery.  I wanted to check this place out during my bachelorette party, but we ran out of time.  So, when Josh had Good Friday off awhile back, he offered to whisk me down to the spa city for a lunch date and a leisurely walk around downtown.  I was stoked.

I went to high school in downtown Hot Springs, so any time I walk up and down the wide sidewalks, I get immediately nostalgic.  It was a beautiful place to spend my teen years, and the character of the city really sparked an interest in architecture for me.  There is a long row of bath houses, and one of them has been turned into a brewery.  When you walk in the door, you're immediately hit with the smell of malt.  They left a lot of the interior alone, which I thought was neat.  We snagged a big table facing the outside so we could sip on some beers and people watch.

We got two flights, so we could sample all of the Superior beers.  We both really enjoyed the stouts, although we weren't overly impressed with the others.

If the beer was a little lackluster, we were certainly not disappointed by the food.  The chef is putting out incredibly deep flavors and whole, fresh ingredients.

We ordered the black eyed pea hummus, and it was the tastiest thing I've had anywhere all year.  It was rich and dense and covered in micro greens and an herb oil.

I will continue to come back again and again for this dish.  My favorite part had to be the cherry tomatoes, which exploded with sweetness at every bite.  Yummy!

I ordered the Greek salad, which was really fresh and tasty.  It was piled high with veggies and olives and those sweet cherry tomatoes.  I would absolutely get this dish again.  There's a quinoa salad on the dinner menu that I'd really like to try, so Josh and I are already planning another trip to Hot Springs.

I often forget we have such a neat city just a short drive from Little Rock.  We walked around for hours, and I was reminded of how much I love Hot Springs.  I'm hoping to make many more trips down this year.

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