Thursday, April 2, 2015

Odds and Ends

Oh man you guys, the wedding is a little more than a month away, and I couldn't be more excited.  Everything seems to be falling into place pretty well, but I still have quite a bit to do.  Ultimately, though, I'm pretty excited to get hitched to this guy.  He's kind of the best.

In preparation for the big day, I have been thinking about cleaning up my act a bit.  My sister is restarting the Arbonne detox on Monday, and while I won't be doing that exactly, I do think I want to do something to ensure I feel my best on the big day.  I've already been eating well and working out, so it seems counter intuitive to get too strict and risk a stumble, but there are some things I can do to make sure I feel amazing come May.  So, I'll tell you more about it on Monday, but get ready for daily food posts, clean recipes, and thoughts on how I'm feeling.

I've been hoarding food photos all month, so I have a bunch of random meals.  I'll only tell you about the tasty ones, though.  So, here we go!

I took my crock pot black bean soup to work as lunch quite a bit.  It's so quick and easy!  Work has been really fun lately.  We have several projects that are in the very early stages of development, so my desk has been one big pile of sketches.

I'm doing the graphics for our AIA Arkansas Convention in Hot Springs this year, so I've also been working a lot on that.  These below are just concept sketches, but I'll show you the finished thing when I'm done.

So far, there are two still in the running.  I hope to finish all that up this week.

Josh and I taste tested a bunch of vegan cupcakes for our wedding at Blue Cake Company.  We decided to have a mix of chocolate, vanilla, and Italian wedding (vanilla with pecans and coconut.)  We are doing a very minimal vegan whipped topping, and then there will be a hot berry compote on the side.  It's going to be delish!

I made these super cute stickers on Vistaprint to close our invitation envelopes.  I hope to have those going out this week.  I know wedding planning can be super stressful, but I've had a blast putting together all of our stuff.  It's going to be a fantastic party.

I have been frequenting out new Whole Foods for salad lunches.  I have only gone a couple times, because there is so much delicious food!

For dinner, Josh and I have been focusing on super simple meals.  If I could saute some kale and eat beans on the side every night, I would.  We are really getting the hang of vegan/omni meals.  Most things we cook for dinner just need the protein swapped out to customize for each of us.

I have had a blueberry and almond butter smoothie for breakfast almost every day this month, but lunches have been an array of huge ass salads.  My favorite is the last one, which was a bunch of raw veggies and edemame all topped with an almond butter miso sauce.  Talk about satisfying!

That's what's been going on with me lately!  Busy busy.  I'm very excited to start what I'll refer to as the VV Reset starting on Monday.

Congrats to Cassandra for winning the Yoga Veggie Giveaway!  She picked carrot in upward bow pose, so I'm really looking forward to working on that.  I hope to have it done by the end of the month, and I'll share the final result with all of you.  Thanks to everyone who entered, and I plan on doing another painting related giveaway again.

What have you been eating lately?  Do you need a reset, or have you been having a healthy spring?  Leave me a comment!


  1. Oooh, cake! I'm not a huge fan of weddings, but the cake part totally redeems the rest! Ha! :-) Whipped topping sounds awesome. Also, almond-miso sauce on salad is genius.

    1. I know! Cake makes everything better. I have been to good and bad weddings, but we're thinking about ours as one big party (with a taco bar)


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