Monday, April 13, 2015

Motivation Monday: Be Pro-You

I'm a big fan of the whole Nerdist Empire, so when Chris Hardwick announced his personal trainer was starting a podcast, I knew I needed to listen.  The Pro-You Podcast , hosted by Tom J Deters and John Moretti, is just starting out but already presents a unique voice.  These guys are not here to tell you that you should never ever eat bad food and you must work out every day.  They preach moderation and being pro-you.  As we're in the 2nd week of the VV Reset, I thought I would share some things that motivate me to make the best choices for myself.

The best things that I have taken from John and Tom so far are the following pro-you tips.  People often ask them, "If I could do anything to get started, what should it be?"  These are always their responses, and I think it is so fitting for our healthy reboot.

#1  Drink More Water

We all know that water is good for us, and we should drink it, but sometimes it's easy to forget.  Sitting at my office all day, I refill my big glass jar 3-4 times in a work day.  However, on the weekends I tend to drink far less water.  Carrying around a nalgene helps me immensely.

#2 Watch Your Portions

Often on the podcast, the guys will say drink more water and cut your portions in half if you want to lose weight.  I know that portions are super important, and they make a point to say if you can't cut completely in half, add way more veggies to your plate.  I can definitely get down with that!

#3 Move Your Body

These dudes lead killer workouts as personal trainers, but they really want everyone to focus on just moving.  They stress constantly that doing something is better than doing nothing, and even a 30 minute walk daily can really improve your mood and fitness.  I have started getting up at 6 almost regularly now and hitting our treadmill for a sweaty, 30 minute walk.  I know if I'm tasked with a 2 mile run, I just won't get out of bed.  So, I get up, turn on the news, and start walking.  I usually feel so good after 30 minutes that I start lifting weights or stretching.  Speaking of stretching, that's another thing that the pro-you podcast harps on.  Moving and stretching, even if that's your only workout for the day, are so worth it!

#4 Do Something Every Day for You

I think this one is so important, but it's so often forgotten.  If you make time to do something for yourself once a day, you will reinforce to your mind that you're worth that time.  Sometimes, for me, it's reading during lunch, or taking a long bath at night.  Whichever you decide, do it because it feels good, not because you're trying to get in a workout or something else you have to check off the list.

Get out there, and be pro-you!  This week on the blog, I'll be bringing you lots of inspirational posts.  Food and movement are important on a reset, but getting your mind right is critically important as well!

What's something you try to do every day for you?  Do you listen to motivational podcasts?  Leave me a message!


  1. All excellent tips! I should check out this podcast. I also drink a TON of water at work but I suck at drinking water on weekends. Too bad beer doesn't count! I probably need to take more me time, esp since I'm not running much due to my knee injury. My running time was my special me time, but now I'm doing less than 3 miles a week. Sigh. Need to sub out with reading or something. Yoga helps though!

    1. Yoga is a great me-time activity as well. I love going to a studio and not having to do anything else for that hour and a half. Sometimes just making time to throw a funky color on my nails is good me-time as well. I definitely have my beer to water ratio off on the weekends, but I'm working on it. :)

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