Friday, April 3, 2015

Digital Menu and Musings

I love cooking and posting recipes, but I spend a lot of time reading other people's recipes as well.  This month, there were some really tasty dishes around the internet, and I thought I would share some of my favorites.  These are really just ones that caught my eye and made me think, "oooh, I need to make that!"

Don't those recipes look amazing?!  They are definitely on my digital menu this month.  


Oh She Glows has been one of my favorite blogs since Angela started writing many years ago.  I found her voice so incredibly positive and happy, and her message of self acceptance and love for your body resonated with me at a time where I was very much struggling with self esteem.  I have continued to watch her blog grow into an icon in our community, and her cookbook is one of my favorites.  I was fairly surprised to see the internet turn against her this week when she has done so much for the vegan community.

I was discussing the recent "vegan drama" with my friend Sheridan, and I thought it would be good to talk about it here.  You guys are my community, and I value your thoughts and opinions.

She recently put out an article on whether or not she would raise her daughter vegan, and I connected so much with her.  I thought she made such thoughtful points on why she and her husband are choosing to raise their little girl the way they see fit, and I completely agreed with her.  Josh and I are a mixed (omni/vegan) household, and I feel very much the same way about it as she does.  I do not plan on raising our children fully vegan.  I hope to expose them to an incredibly delicious, wholesome plant based diet, but ultimately I feel they should come to that decision on their own.  I'm sure my views will evolve as we get closer to pulling the trigger on trying for #1, but that's how I feel for now, which is why I was so disappointed by the backlash that Angela received.  She got a lot of positive comments, but the negative ones were enough to make her publish this second article, where she outlines her reason for dropping the vegan label.  

I know there are many sides and opinions on the purity of the word vegan, but if our community continues to break each other down and label each other "not vegan enough," I feel that it's detrimental to the message as a whole.  Sure, plenty of non-vegan people read Angela's blog and cookbook, and I'm sure she has brought more people to plant based eating and saved more animals than may of those nasty commenters.  The culture in this country is changing, and vegan is becoming much more well known and acceptable.  I am seeing it first hand in Arkansas, and that's something that's incredibly exciting.  We are a community of compassion, so I say all this to remind everyone to be compassionate to each other.

That's just my musings on the matter, what do you guys think?


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