Monday, March 23, 2015

Osceola Weekend Recap

This weekend, my sister, her beau, and I headed to my parents' house in Osceola.  My mom and I had some wedding shopping to do on Saturday, and the rest of the time we hung out and ate great food.  I've posted tons about their amazing cooking before, but here's a recap of the great stuff we had this weekend.

We got to Osceola around 8 at night, and after a 3 hour drive, we were all hungry.  My mom had a simple and delicious dinner waiting for us.  She wanted to keep it light and easy, so she grabbed some gnocchi and served it with a simple tomato sauce (which I then covered in cashew cream, more on that later) and a fresh salad, steamed asparagus, and seed bread and olive oil.  Heaven!

The next day, she and I headed to Jonesboro in search of wedding shoes and whatever else we might need for the big day.  I had no luck in the shoe department, but we did find a great lunch at Hiro.

Mom and I just got stuff and split it.  I love seaweed salad, but she wasn't as much of a fan.  Overall, everything was really tasty and fresh!

We got home and hung out in the hot tub most of the afternoon.  When we came in, it was time to make pizza!  I made up a bunch of cashew cream from my mac n cheese recipe, which was the base for my pizza.  I topped the pie with sauteed brussels and pine nuts, asparagus, tomato slices, green onions, spinach and basil.  It was a HUGE hit with everyone.

My dad is a pizza crust making master.  He spent all morning getting everything ready, and the crust was out of this world.  I think the secret is repeated brushing with olive oil!

I sent my dad this rocking pizza cutter for his birthday a few weeks ago, which was kind of me saying "MAKE ME PIZZA!"  It worked great, though, and he likes it.  It even handled the huge deep dish pizza he made for the meat eaters.

Sunday morning, I got up and helped my parents prep brunch.  I made the above fruit salad, which just had a little lemon juice drizzled on top.  I chopped all these amazing veggies and made a saute to go with the homemade English muffins that my dad made the day before.  I walked in the house from shopping with my mom, saw a griddle covered in semolina, and exclaimed, "OMG, ARE THERE ENGLISH MUFFINS?!"  My dad knows they are my favorite.

I topped my muffin with avocado, veggies, spinach, cashew cream mixed with sriracha, and a big fat tomato.  My parents always keep vegan sausage patties in the house for me, so I had those on the side with some hash browns.  Yes, brunch is served.

My parents sure know how to do food right.  I miss them already, but we'll all be together soon at the wedding.  Yay!

What do you cook when you see your family?  Leave me a comment!


  1. All the food looks amazing, but that pizza.......WOW! (SF)

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