Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Great Saturday

After being cooped up in the house for most of last week due to weather, I needed to get out on Saturday and move my body.  So, I called up my girlfriend and proposed some yoga and farmer's market.  I'm so glad that I did.

We made it to the 8:15 power yoga class at Barefoot, and the class was amazing.  I felt incredibly relaxed and happy afterwards.  The weather was freezing, but afterwards we headed to the Hillcrest Farmers' Market.

I was on the hunt for hummus and pesto from Geek Eats and tomato sauce from Bonta Toscana.  There weren't many booths or veggies, but I succeeded in my hunt, and I also picked up some broccoli and kale as well.  We didn't linger, because it was chilly.  We were hungry, though, so we headed down to SoMa for some brunch at The Root Cafe, which I wrote about yesterday.

After brunch, we braved the cold weather to pop into a few of the shops on Main Street.  First off was the Green Corner Store.  Had it been warmer, I might have had some of the vegan options from Loblolly, but it was just too chilly.

Next, we hit up Modern Moxie Mercantile, a cute new gift store with all sorts of interesting stuff.

I snagged this awesome corkscrew, too.  We've been looking for a new one for awhile, and this one is awesome.

After shopping, I headed home and did some batch cooking for the week.  I love turning on some music and getting meals prepped for the next several days.  I'll tell you more about what I made soon.

Josh said that our friends, Nick and Amber  and their daughter, were coming by to grab a game we borrowed.  I immediately suggested they stay for dinner, and I made up a meal with the Bonta Toscana sauce I got at the farmers' market.

The sauce was really good.  I thought it would be a bit on the oily side, judging from the look of it, but once blended with veggies in a bowl, it was great.

I simply roasted zucchini and sweet peppers for about 20 minutes in the oven at 350 degrees (F), then I made up some pasta and warmed up the sauce.  It all went great with a simple carrot and apple salad and some crusty bread.

This pesto from Geek Eats makes the perfect bread topping.  Their hummus and pesto are the best I've ever had.

After dinner, Nick and Amber headed home, and Josh and I stayed up way too late listening to music.  Basil was not happy with us.

Hope you had a great weekend, too!

Can you get great local made products in your town?  Which is your favorite?  Leave me a comment!


  1. Hey, Sheridan and I were at the Green Corner store on Saturday too!!! Just briefly, but we stopped by there after checking out the race expo. I almost bought Geek Eats hummus, but earlier in the day, I'd already bought some Hope hummus at Whole Foods. So I figured I didn't need that much hummus. Also, went to Big Orange on Sunday after the race. OMG! SOOOOO good.


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