Monday, February 16, 2015

What a Wonderful Weekend

What a weekend!  Get ready for a huge photo dump of the fun happenings over the past few days.

I only work half days on Friday, so I brought a strawberry maca breakfast smoothie and a simple salad for lunch, both of which were very red and festive for Valentines Day.  After lunch, I headed to The Heights (a neighborhood in Little Rock) to meet with By Invitation Only to discuss wedding invites.  I feel like such a bad bride, because after sifting through three boxes of invitation types, I only found 3 I remotely liked, and even then I wanted to change everything and have a custom logo designed.  Oh well, I guess that's the curse of being a weirdo.  I think I found something nice, though.

While walking around the heights, I popped into Cupcakes on Kavanaugh to see if they had anything vegan, and to my shock and surprise, their chocolate cupcakes are vegan!  Their frosting isn't, so I snagged a few with powdered sugar for Josh and I to enjoy later with some wine.

The cupcakes were ok.  They were kind of dry, and without the frosting on top, it wasn't that great.  I really love the cupcakes we ordered from Blue Cake Company for Erin's Baby Shower, and we're cupcake testing in a few weeks with them for the wedding.

After my gallivanting around the Heights, I headed home, put on a David Sedaris audiobook, and scrubbed the house.  I have loved listening to Sedaris since college, but I've recently had a resurgence of enthusiasm for his work.  It makes me want to keep a journal and write short essays about life.

Josh got home and we headed to the Arkansas Innovation Hub for their monthly MAKE event, MAKE Love.  It was fun and nerdy, and there were so many stations where you could make cool stuff.  You could cut out boxes with the laser cutter, insert LED diodes, make pop up cards using their vinyl printer, or like us, spend the entire time making a pop up tree.  It was still a blast.

Oh yeah, for 20 bucks, you got to roam free in the Hub, make whatever you wanted, and drink wine.  It was great.

Josh and I thought the bird was a nice touch.  The date on our tree is our wedding date, if you were wondering.

After our hub crafting, we headed home to drink a bottle of wine and watch Friday the 13th.  Neither Josh nor I had ever seen it, and I realized why about 5 minutes into the movie.  It's pretty bad.  We love a good, terrible horror movie, but this one really sets the bar for bad movies.  It's on Netflix, if you want to check it out.

Saturday morning, I got up and headed to SoMa (another neighborhood in Little Rock) for their Mardi Gras parade.  I picked up my sister on the way, and we met up with our friends E + P.  It was a good time, and I'll share more pictures tomorrow.  After the parade, Casey and I had some sister time then I headed home to hang out with Josh.

We spent the whole rest of the day working on Josh's workbench and cleaning up my art area.  Our craft/shop room is also our gym now, with the addition of the treadmill, and we wanted to get it cleaned up.

After a long days work, I made us some stuffed potatoes, which I'll tell you about later.  Josh said if every Valentines Day could be filled with construction projects and simple dinners, he'd be a happy dude.  I agree.

We even needed to make a trip to Lowe's on Sunday, but that's ok.  I love hardware stores.

Here is Josh's shop area before we got started.

Here it is after our efforts this weekend.  We designed the bench together, and it turned out great.  The middle part pulls out and become a cart for the miter saw.

Here was my art space before we got started.

Here is my new set up!  I'm really excited about a flat table.  I borrowed the drafting desk from Erin, but it doesn't serve all of my crafts, so I'm using our old dining room table as an art desk. I also cleaned up all of my shelves.  Basil was pooped from helping out.

Hope you guys had a great weekend!  We're supposed to get a ton of ice and snow over the next few days, so I have a crock pot full of black bean soup going.  Fingers crossed we don't lose power.

What did you do for Valentines Day?  Do you celebrate Mardi Gras?  Leave me a comment!


  1. Yay for fun weekends followed by snow days! I'm assuming you're having a snow day there too. We had a fun Vday with lots of good Thai food and chocolate. And yes to Mardi Gras. About to get started on my king cake now. I bring the king cake to the office every year on Fat Tuesday.

    1. Nice! Josh and I got iced in, but I still had to work. At least I didn't have any commute time. It's almost 5, so I can head to the treadmill soon. Hopefully the roads will clear up tomorrow.

  2. yup we celebrated Mardi Gras! LOL!

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