Monday, February 9, 2015

Mega Food Recap

I spent the month of January reintroducing smoothies, big ass salads, and greens back into my diet in full force.  I still haven't nailed portions, which is my biggest struggle, but I'm getting there.  I love healthy food, and I like to eat all of it.

This big, beautiful Greek salad and black bean soup from Izzy's put a big smile on my face.  I've been trying to go to lunch with the office once a week, but I've been pretty busy for the last few days.

Work has been busy, so I've been eating at my desk while working on sketches.  There have been sandwiches, salads with vegan parm, and lots of bowls of greens and rice.

I made it to Izzy's with the office a couple times this month.  It's our boss' favorite place, and I love that they have a vegan menu.  The ambrosia tea was recommended to me by our favorite server, and I was not disappointed.  It was fruity and light.  I had it with the veggie melt (no cheese) with the Mexican vegetable soup.

When Josh and I run errands on the weekend, and I get hungry, he knows the best place to take me for an easy lunch is Tropical Smoothie.  I love their thai chicken wrap with Beyond Meat.  So far, I've only tried their chicken strips, but I would like to try their other products.  Maybe when our new Whole Foods opens, I'll stroll over and snag some.  I'm trying to keep the meat substitutes to a minimum, but Josh and I have been talking about recreating hamburger helper, in a healthy way, and I think the crumbles would be perfect.

My new favorite place is definitely Three Fold.  I can't stop thinking about their food.  I swung by and picked up the noodle bowl and taro chips, and I was not disappointed.  The noodle bowl was tasty, especially with the slaw on the side.  The taro chips are sweet and salty, and I had a hard time not eating the entire bag.  The awesome owner even contacted me after my write up and asked to use a picture for their grand opening publication.  Absolutely!

Don't forget, I have also been making my own noodle bowls.  Has anyone tried this yet?  So good.

I can't get enough big salads, cilantro, carrot juice with ginger, and apples.  Maybe I should work on some recipe with all of them!

That really only shows breakfasts and lunches, but I have been eating dinner, too.  We mostly eat leftovers from the weekend for dinner during the week.  I did make some really yummy things over the past few weekends, so stay tuned for some recipes.

What have you been eating lately?  Have you tried making a noodle bowl?  Leave me a comment!


  1. I meant to ask you when you did your last noodle bowl post...where did you get the cool container? It looks like it's perfect for that. I haven't tried to make one yet because I don't have a container that would work. (SF)

    1. It's a glass 2 cup container with rubber on the outside from Whole Foods. I really really love it!

  2. Izzy's!! I need to go back there. And also, I should eat at Tropical Smoothie again soon. The only one that I know of in Memphis is WAY out east. But there's one near my parents' house in Jonesboro.

    1. There is one right next door to my office and one pretty close to our house. I don't eat there that often, but every time I do, I think, "Man! Why don't I come here more often?!"

  3. Darn, your food looks so good! And I really need to try out the noodle bowls ASAP!


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