Friday, February 6, 2015

Fitness Friday: Car-di-O

I have some pretty exciting news... WE BOUGHT A TREADMILL!  All it takes is your significant other to realize he won't actually go to the gym, and boom, treadmill.  As a pre-wedding, get your ass in shape, gift to ourselves, we now have no excuse.  Yes, it's cold outside.  Yes, it's raining, but we're still running!

It's a bit of a beast, but it folds up and has a nice hydraulic release system.  Don't mind our incredibly cluttered craft room/now gym, we need to move the giant pile of wood to make room for said treadmill.  One day at a time.

It's a little investment in ourselves, and we got a good deal.  We're also looking to the future and hoping to have a 3rd member of the family next year, so having a gym at home is going to make staying healthy easier.

So, here's my car-di-O goals for this month:

Weekday AM Workouts:  DO THEM.   I'm really horrible about getting up, but since we just dropped some $$ and lost a lot of floor space to this guy, I have to use it.  My goal is to get up 4 or 5 times a week and do 30 minutes.  That's it.  It can be walking or jogging, but I just need to get into the habit.  I know that if I make my workouts too grueling in the beginning, staying in bed is going to seem all that nicer.

Weekday PM Workouts:  Keep up the yoga.  I've been going to hot yoga about twice a week, which I would like to bump up to 3x consistently.  Then, I would like to add in 2 days of strength training, like Body Revolution, two times a week.  The yoga and strength can float into the weekend, just as long as I get two of each.

Weekends:  Weekends are a time to rest, but they can also be a time to be active in a fun way.  I would like to get in a bike ride or a hike when it's nice out, or do some yoga or strength when it's not.  I'll probably even hop on that treadmill for a jog once a weekend.

It's time to put these legs to work!  I'll check back in at the end of the month and let you know how it's going.  If anyone has any tricks on how to keep up morning workouts, I'm all ears.

Do you workout at home?  What's your morning routine?  Leave me a comment!


  1. Yay! I love using my treadmill for warmups. I get bored if I'm on it for more than 10 minutes though. But on cold days (like this morning when it was 19 when I woke up), I do a warmup walk and a couple minutes running on the treadmill before I head outside. Makes running in the cold, pre-dawn hours much easier.

    I ONLY work out in the mornings. I used to struggle with getting a workout in after work, and at least 3 days a week, I'd have to cancel my workout because of a work meeting or spontaneous happy hour or something. Working out in the a.m. means no excuses! But as for tips on motivation, I'd say my FitBit inspires me. I count calories, and when I run in the mornings, I get more calories for the day. And that means cupcakes and beer. :-) Also, I have a set workout schedule — short runs Mon, Tues, and Thurs, long run on Sat, and cross-training/yoga on Wed and Fri, rest on Sun. Routine helps me!

    1. A warm up walk is a great idea! I'm really loving putting on a 30 minute episode and just working until I break a sweat. I like doing something in the morning, because it takes some of the pressure off my night workouts. After work, I really want to focus on things that are fun and help me shake off the day, like cycling, yoga, or zumba. I'll save the morning for the treadmill.

      Have a loose workout schedule works best for me. I also fit in a lot of social time with my girlfriends during workouts, so I have to work within their schedules, too.

  2. Im super jealous! I would love a treadmill. I also love my fitbit. Im around 220 lbs right now and I feel like fitbit is really motivating me. I would love for you to post about your yoga practice. I really want to get into it again and while I did a little bit in college, I feel like my body isnt suited for practice.

    1. Don't be discouraged. I'm a little over 220 and I practice about 2-3 times a week of vigorous, 1 to 1 1/2 hours in a hot class. It can feel very discouraging at first, but after a few weeks you will develop strength and flexibility, and the class helps a lot to quiet that inner dialog that says you shouldn't be in this class. Occasionally my belly will get in the way of a twist, but I try not to let it get me down. Yoga makes me strong and happy, and it's the thing I stick to the most. There are definitely more small, lululemon model size people in my class, but I practice right along with them. Every body can do yoga, you just have to try and keep yourself from getting too discouraged. Good luck, and let me know how it goes! :)

  3. Oooh, shiny new treadmill, woohoo!!! I really want to get one as well when we move into our house! I am so very bad about not working out in the morning. I have such good intentions and I set my alarm early and then I turn it off and go right back to sleep. But, Drew and I have been doing pretty well running after work. I just hate missing happy hours and such, etc.

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