Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Fayetteville Restaurant Review: Wood Stone Craft Pizza

I went up to Fayetteville, Arkansas, this weekend to visit friends and celebrate my bestie, Devon, turning the big 3-0.  We had a fabulous day of baby holding, followed by laser tag, and finally ended up at this new pizza place, Wood Stone Craft Pizza.

The place is owned by Greenhouse Grille, one of my favorite restaurants in Northwest Arkansas.  It's also in the same parking lot, which was packed on a Saturday night.  We had a pretty large party, 15 I believe, but they took reservations and seated us right away.  The place was well designed, open, but loud.  Let me put on my architect hat for a second.  I don't know why restaurant designers feel the need to make ever surface hard, thus bouncing the sound all over the place and making it impossible to talk to the person sitting next to you.  The acoustic were horrendous, and it made for lots of shouting down the table.  Josh thinks this is a strategy to make places feel more busy and active, but I think it's crap and I don't like it.  Put a ceiling in the space, or at least some acoustic treatment on the walls.

Ok, enough of that.  How was the food, you ask?

Before arriving, I had scoped out the menu online, and I knew I wanted to go for the pickled vegetables immediately.  My girlfriends next to me ordered the mason jar trio, and the bean dip was vegan, so I had that as well.  The bean dip and grilled bread were really tasty, especially when topped with a huge garlic clove.  The veggies were spicy and pickled without being overly soggy.  The cauliflower still had a really good crunch.

Our waitress was wonderful, especially considering she had to wrangle a table of 15 loud, slightly intoxicated individuals who kept hopping from chair to chair.

I didn't want to try to eat an entire pizza by myself, but they did have some nice looking veggie options of the menu.  They use really quality ingredients, so I'm sure it would have been good.  Instead, I went for the Greek salad without feta.  It was tasty, but a bit over dressed.  By the time I got to the bottom, everything was soggy.  It would have been nice if it came out with some bread or something with crunch.  They also brought it out way early, before everyone's pizza, so it just kind of sat there for awhile.

All my non-vegan friends loved their pizzas.  The most intriguing to me was the BBQ Korean pizza that my girlfriends next to me ordered.  I bet with some tofu or tempeh instead of the meat, this would be killer.  It looked like a banh mi on a pizza.

I would like to go back and give it another try.  The wait staff and ingredients were excellent.  If only they would do something about the horrible acoustics...

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  1. Yum! We are going to Fayetteville/Bentonville this weekend and I can't wait to try this place and Greenhouse Grille.

    1. That's good timing! I love Greenhouse so much. Let me know if you get them to do a vegan pizza. I wish I had tried the pizza.

  2. No way I'd be able to order a salad when pizza was an option! You have willpower! I also hate it when restaurants are super loud. I have a really hard time projecting my voice, so no one can ever hear me when I'm in a loud room. It's very sad.

    1. I am regretting not ordering a pizza. Sometimes the crusty brick oven pizzas aren't great when vegan cheese or something like that isn't available. The soggy salad was not my best choice, but I'll go back again and try the pizza.

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