Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Day in the Life of an Architect

I haven't done one of these posts in awhile, so I figured, in the fashion of What I Ate Wednesday, I would give you a run down of a typical day.  This was last Wednesday.  Click the links below to see my other daily recaps:

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6:25 am - Alarm goes off.  Hit snooze and cuddle with Josh and Basil

6:45 am - Alarm again.  Get up and head to the shower.

7:00 am - Get out of the shower, turn on the news, brush hair and put on makeup.  Get dressed.

7:20 am - Head into the kitchen to make breakfast and lunch and snacks.  Pack an almond butter and banana sandwich for breakfast.  Throw clothes in a yoga bag and head out the door.

8:00 am - Get to the office, eat my sandwich while I'm checking emails.

8:30 am - Have a drawing set due in the afternoon, so finish up details and drawings.

10:00 am - Worry that engineers won't get me drawings in time.

12:00 pm - Lunch and learn.  The vendor brings lunch for the office, except for me (I request they don't bother, so I can bring my own.  It's usually always wrong/not vegan).  I warm up my lunch and head to the conference room.

1:00 pm - Just as I thought, have not received all drawings by noon as I asked.  Call around and see when I'll get drawings.

3:00 pm - Finally get everyone's sheets together and send drawing set out.  Check emails that have piled up.

4:00 pm - Blend an avocado/spinach/protein powder smoothie for a pre-workout boost.  Go through shop drawings and answer email questions.

5:00 pm - Get changed and head out for yoga.

5:30 pm - Battle traffic, but make it across town to hot yoga at Barefoot.

7:30 pm - Get home after yoga.  I'm so sweaty that Josh makes me go straight to the shower.  Put on PJ's and play with Basil for a little bit.

8:30 pm - Josh and I start making dinner.  Put on The Daily Show or Conan for background.

I make a quick and easy noodle bowl  with a couple spring rolls and almond butter/sriracha sauce.  It hits the spot after my intense workout.  After dinner, we quickly do the dishes and put everything up.  We have been living without a dishwasher for almost 2 years, and I barely even miss it now adays.

9:15 pm - Josh and I sit on the couch after dinner and catch up on our day.

9:45 pm - Start getting ready for bed.  Play with Basil more.

10:00 pm - Watch THV11 and catch up on the night's news.

10:30 pm - Lights out, time for bed.

Yep, that's a typical day!  I'm really wanting to add a light morning workout into the mix, but it's so hard to get up.

What's your typical day like?  Do you eat consistently at the same time every day, or do you just grab stuff when you're hungry?  Leave me a comment!


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