Tuesday, January 13, 2015

LR Restaurant Review: Lost 40 Brewing

The microbrewery scene in Little Rock is exploding, and the newest spot on the scene is Lost 40 Brewing.  The developers behind this new venture have brought some great restaurants to Little Rock, like Zaza's, Big Orange, and Local Lime, and although this new brewery isn't a full restaurant, they have a tasting room with food.

We got there on a Saturday, and the place was packed.  The tap room was long with big communal tables, so Josh and I waited for a minute, grabbed a beer, and sandwiched ourselves in between two groups.  I had the Imperial IPA, which was delicious.  It was pretty stout, but not overpowering.

Upon first looking at the menu, which is quite small, only one or two things stood out as edible for me.  We ordered the hoppin' john black eyed pea hummus, since that looked yummy.  The hummus came out in a cute mason jar surrounded by pickled vegetables and a large piece of lavish bread.  It was a good size to split between two people, but any larger and I don't think people would be able try all the delicious veggies.

They only had a handful of sandwiches on the menu, and none were even vegetarian.  So, I asked the waitress if they could make something for me.  She said the turkey sandwich could easily be modified for a vegan.  We discussed adding vegetables and oven dried tomatoes and hummus.

When the sandwich came out, it looked tasty.  Upon inspecting, I saw that it was two thick slices of molasses bread, slathered with black eyed pea hummus, and then filled with arugula.  I was a little disappointed that inside contained no pickled veg or oven dried tomatoes, but it was still a tasty sandwich.  I think if they added some veggies, this would be a knock out.

Alongside they brought out voodoo chips, which I thought weren't vegan, but after reading the ingredients, I was delighted that they are.  They are so spicy and delicious.

Overall, it was a good lunch, and we'll be back.  The hummus plate is a knock out, and I would have it along side a good beer anytime.

Do you like micro-breweries?  Are they exploding in your community as well?  Leave me a comment!

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  1. Ah, man. I'm an arugala hater, so when I go, I'll stick with the hummus plate! :-)

    Craft breweries are exploding here too. For years, we only had Ghost River, and they didn't (and still don't) have a taproom. But 2013-2014 were like the years of Memphis beer. We had three new taprooms open! None serve food here though, but they usually have food trucks outside. I believe there was some city ordinance (or state law?) that had to be changed to allow them to sell beer without food. But that was changed, so they don't have menus. Memphis Made Brewing usually always has the Hot Mess food truck outside, and they have awesome vegan burritos!

    1. Yum! I need to come try some of those food trucks. Stone's Throw Brewery in Little Rock always has Katmandu Momo's truck outside on Sundays, and I really want to try that combination. Luckily, my sister just moved in around the block!

      I'm usually an arugula hater as well, but it didn't bother me on this. The hummus is really really good, so maybe that helped. I'm hoping they will add at least a real veggie sandwich to their menu, like Diamond Bear did. The beer is good, though!

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