Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!  We spent ours with Josh's family in Fort Smith.  We switch off holidays between his family and mine, since they live on opposite sides of the state.  I knew I wanted to make something simple, because I wouldn't have much prep time/kitchen space at his family's get together.  So, I grabbed a Celebration Roast and some veggies and got cooking.

I got off work early Wednesday, which gave me time to prep everything for the family get together.  I swung by Whole Foods and grabbed some carrot juice, pumpkin soup and fall veggies for an awesome and filling lunch.  Then, I got home and started cooking.

In a large crock pot, I added:

Earth Balance
Red Onion
Herb Bundle
Golden Beets
Field Roast
2 cups vegetable stock

Then, I cooked everything down for a couple hours in the crock pot.  It turned out quite yummy.  I've never had field roast before, but I think it will become a holiday staple.

This dish was great, because I could cook it, the seal the crock pot and take it with us.  A few people tried the field roast, but I got to eat most of it myself.

I love how colorful everything looked.  It cooked down with the stock and steamed the veggies, which kind of lost their color.  Next time, I will not cook it as long.  I think it only needs a couple hours, and I ended up steaming it for several more.

I also made these cookies again, which everybody loved.

I also made a quick salad of greens, carrots, fennel, oranges and walnuts.  It went fairly unnoticed in the huge sea of side dishes, but I enjoyed it.

This was my first plate, which I was pretty proud was full of salad and veggies.  The field roast had a nice texture after being steamed, and it worked great in sandwiches for the next couple days.

I had to go back for vegan stuffing, so thoughtfully made by Josh's uncle's girlfriend.  It was really tasty.  There was also some yummy succotash that I picked up on my second round.  Yum and yum.

As nice as it is to see family, Josh and I are exhausted and happy to be home.  I threw out my back on Saturday, so I haven't been off the couch all weekend.

How was your holiday?  Were you the only vegan at your gathering?


  1. What a great looking plate! And I love that you steamed your field roast with some veggies. I'll have to try that! We usually end up just slicing the field roast and sticking it in the microwave at the last minute when all of the other side dishes are ready. Happy belated Thanksgiving! It's been a whirlwind week and a half...just now getting caught up on blogs and stuff. ;)

    1. I tried the field roast before steaming and after, and I think it really helps to soften up the texture. It was good. I definitely liked it on a sandwich the next day. Happy belated Thanksgiving to you guys, too! :) I feel you on the whirlwind. I threw my back out Saturday right as we were coming home, and I spent the whole weekend and Monday on the couch. Ouchies.

    2. Oh gosh! So sorry about your back! Hope you feel better soon!


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