Friday, December 26, 2014

My Sister is a Sandwich

This is my sister Casey.  She is beautiful, and she's funny, and she's a sandwich.  Well, she's not literally a sandwich, you see, but she has a vegetarian sandwich named after her in Little Rock.  I think this is pretty bad ass, if you ask me.

This is the Casey Vickerson at Hibernia, her favorite bar.  Favorite bar is an understatement, because here, she is family.  The owner is an amazing Irish man named Gerry who serves tall drinks and tasty food.  He has been re-doing the menu, and the Casey Vickerson just made the cut.

Casey went vegetarian earlier this year, and to already have a veggie sandwich named after her is pretty impressive.  So, what's in the sandwich, you say?

The Casey Vickerson is a sauteed vegetable sandwich on the MOST TASTY rye bread, period.  It has crazy delicious tomato jam, and if you get the non-vegan version, it comes piled with cheese.  The bread, for me, made the sandwich.  It's really great.

You can be classy and get this sandwich with a salad, or mixed veggies, but Casey and I went for onion rings the other night when we split the sandwich.  There's something about sitting at an old wood bar, sipping wine and eating crispy bar food.  It's definitely a delicious treat.

Casey and I were raised right, to love food and a good drink, and when we're together, we love to cook and eat.

If you missed it, check out our Ozark Mountain Yoga Retreat, where we spent a weekend together, doing yoga and eating tasty food.  I love my sister, and on the day after Christmas, what's better than to share family with you?

So, if you are in Little Rock, head over to Hibernia and try out this killer sandwich.  I'm hoping to do a write up for my Eat Arkansas column, so I'll keep you posted!

Hibernia Irish Tavern on Urbanspoon

Have you ever known anyone to have a menu item named after them?  Did you have a great Christmas?  Leave me a comment! :)


  1. How cool! I'm not familiar with this place. We will have to check it out!

    1. It's an irish bar on Rodney Parham. Let me know how you like it!

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