Thursday, December 4, 2014

LR Restaurant Review: Loca Luna

My yoga studio, Barefoot, is located in the river front area of Little Rock.  It's a neat area of town, and it's tucked back behind a staple restaurant of the city.  After yoga, though, I almost always head home for dinner with Josh.  Often, though, the smells from the neighboring restaurants follow me as I head to my car.

Awhile back, my boss needed to run some errands in this part of town, so we headed to Loca Luna for lunch.  Our office used to be located in the neighborhood, but they moved out to West Little Rock before I joined the firm.  They informed me that they used to eat at Loca Luna all the time, which sounds pretty nice to me indeed.

I have eaten here a couple times, but it was years ago.  It seems like their menu has changed as well.  There are not a ton of vegan options, but there are a few.  I settled on the vegetable plate for my lunch, which was a ton of tasty food.

Dana's Vegetable Plate:

  • Fiesta Black Beans (not made with meat)
  • Sweet Corn Kernels
  • Roasted New Potatoes
  • Sauteed Vegetable Medley

All the veggies and starches were really well seasoned and cooked great.  Plus, it's a huge amount of food for lunch.  I think the fiesta beans were my favorite.

Of course, you can get your lunch with a big glass of un-sweet tea.  I would definitely go back for lunch or dinner at Loca Luna if I am in the area.  They are also on Chef Shuttle.

Loca Luna on Urbanspoon


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