Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Vegan Breakfast Wreath

I know it's a little goofy looking, but on the day after Christmas, my mom and I made breakfast wreaths!  She got the recipe online using crescent rolls, which are surprisingly vegan (although, not the healthiest, but it's Christmas!).  When my mom told me about it, I first thought we were making popovers, so I brought baked tofu for the inside.  She had vegan sausage and cheese, and we got to work.  Next time, I would like to make a big one with tofu scramble, which I feel like I have made before, but it's been a long time.

I cooked the baked tofu down in earth balance, tumeric, curry powder and cumin.  I warmed up a couple vegan sausage patties and cut them up.  Once it was all cooled, we assembled the wreath.

Here's what my mom's wreath looked like, which she stuffed with all sorts of non-vegan things that were quickly devoured by Josh and my dad.  Theirs was really beautiful, and mine was ok.  I worked with a smaller circle and piled the filling high.

Once all the stuffing was added, we baked per the package instructions.  What came out was a really tasty treat!

This would be a great New Years breakfast!  We served some pepper jam on the side, which my sister and I got my parents for Christmas.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year's Eve.  We always throw a big party, but this year, Josh is on call.  So, we're going to have a Terminator marathon, just the two of us, and keep it relaxed.  I am making some snacks and some hoppin' john bowls tomorrow, so I'll be sure to take some pictures!

Do you have a fun family breakfast?  What are your New Year's Eve plans?  Leave a comment!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Cashew Cream Three Ways

Before I headed to my parents for Christmas, Josh and I had a grilled cheese and tomato soup night.  We had a bunch of leftover tomato soup, this kind, and I had a cup and a half of raw cashews soaking in the fridge.  So, on Christmas Eve morning, I set out to make some cashew cream to bring home for pizza that night.  I decided to dump in the tomato soup, and a miracle was made.  I brought home the most delicious cashew cream I've ever tasted, and all it contained were cashews, a few cups of tomato soup, and a pinch of salt.

I made a huge amount, though, so I got to use it in three separate recipes.  First, we made home made veggie supreme pizza, which was out of this world.  Next, I mixed the cream with vegan meat crumbles and rotelle and made the most amazing vegan cheese dip.  Then, I tossed the leftovers with crumbled tofu to make the ingredients for cannelloni.

First, the pizza!   Christmas Eve in our house usually means pizza, which is fine by me!  My dad made an amazing crust, and I topped it with all sorts of great ingredients my mom picked up.  The base, of course, was my cashew cream.

When I tell you that this pizza was great, it's definitely an understatement.  I don't really have a recipe for you.  I just followed the Vickerson code, put stuff on it that you like, and you'll like it!

My dad made a great home made sauce, as he always does.  He's a masterful cook, and a great baker.

Look at that beautiful pizza!  I got really excited and ate the entire thing.

That is a very excited me.

This cheese dip should break the internet.  It's so incredibly delicious.  Simply add the cashew cream/tomato soup to a pot, mix it with vegan crumbles and a can of rotelle, and add a little Mexican hot sauce if you want.  It was SO freaking good.

Just look at that!  Cheese dip is a big thing here in the south, so I'm happy to have veganized this Arkansas staple.

For Christmas dinner, my mom showed me a neat trick she came up with.  Instead of cooking pasta and messing with all that, she started making cannelloni from egg roll wrappers!  It seemed like a good idea.  Now, when she told me that, I did not realize that egg roll wrappers are not vegan.  So, if you want to recreate this and do not want the egg, you need to find a wrapper that is vegan.  I won't be re-creating it with the egg wrappers in the future, but I thought it was a good idea and went with it.

The filling was crumbled tofu, vegan meat crumbles, cashew cream, olive oil, salt and pepper, and lemon juice.  It was really tasty!

Then we covered the whole thing in daiya cheese and baked it for 35 minutes or so.  While it cooked, we made a simple salad of lettuce, avocado and tomato.

We dressed it with lemon juice and olive oil.  It was delicious!  Mom also cooked up some delicious rolls.

That was Christmas dinner!  We do Italian food in our house.

What are the holiday traditions in your family?  Leave a comment!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Scenes from Christmas

We spent Christmas at my parents' house in Osceola this year, and it was lovely.  Unfortunately, my sister got the whole family sick, so I don't have a lot of writing energy in me at the moment.  So, I just wanted to give you a picture post of things I will tell you about this week.  We had so much good food and conversation.  So, I'm going to wrap up on the couch and watch some Sherlock with Josh while we nurse our sniffly noses.  Please enjoy our Christmas, and I hope you have a lovely one as well.

We had so many amazing snacks.  We also had amazing meals.

We also had some great leisure time.  I blew threw this wonderful little book.  Pick it up, but only if you've read the Kingkiller Chronicles first, which I highly recommend.

We also played a lot of pool, which at we are all terrible.

Happy Holidays!