Monday, November 3, 2014

Winning Halloween Cookies

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and it has also become another fun tradition in our house.  Every year, Josh's office has a chili cook-off around Halloween.  Last year, we made So Hot It's Scary Chili, and I started the tradition of making cornbread and cookies to go along with his chili.  Now, last year, I made a chili to go along with Josh.  We didn't enter mine, but it was fun to cook with him.  He makes a meat chili to take to work, and last year it won!  Everyone loved the cookies too, so this year, we decided to step up our game.

So, I made two HUGE corn bread pans and 3 trays of cookies!  Josh took 2, and I split the rest between my office and a good friend.  I knew which recipe I would make, because we tested them the weekend before.

These cookies are magical.  They're fluffy pillows topped with the most incredible frosting, and they are from the Minimalist Baker Blog.  Get the recipe here.  I think Minimalist Baker has some of the best vegan recipes out there, and I make more from their blog than any other.

These are the best cookies I have ever had, and I will be making them again and again.  Of course, since it was Halloween, I had to get creative with the decorations.

I also busted out the Veganomicon and made some stellar cornbread.

Josh won his chili cook-off for the 2nd year in a row, and everyone loved my cookies.  One of my favorite things is to cook in the kitchen with Josh, so I look forward to next year.

We didn't do much for Halloween this year, but I scoured the house and threw together a steam/future punk outfit.  What did you dress up as for Halloween?


  1. Love the steam punk costume! And those cookies sound so good!!

    1. Thanks! Make these cookies immediately. They are AWESOME.


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