Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Vegan Thanksgiving Menu Ideas

I love holiday meals, but even though I've been vegan for years, I still love to find inspiration across the internet.  My mother always makes amazing spreads, but this year, we are heading to Josh's family's Thanksgiving meal.  I have been mulling over which recipes from around the internet I want to make, and I've collected some of my favorites.

Last Christmas, I made a huge spread for Josh's family.  This year, I'm going to tone it down a little bit, because I'm not going to have as much time in the kitchen.  I still want to make a big impact, though, because I like to promote veganism as an easy and tasty diet.

A few weeks ago, my Vegetarian Times magazine arrived, and I was drooling over all of the amazing, vegan holiday recipes.  I immediately wanted to make everything.  Here is their menu.  All pictures are from Vegetarian Times online.

Don't those recipes look amazing?  I'm sure they would be welcome dishes to anyone's holiday gathering.  

There is, though, another place on the internet where I go for constant inspiration and mouth watering recipes.  Minimalist Baker is by far my favorite recipe blog, and their recipes lately have been to die for.  Not only is their food tasty, but their photos are gorgeous.  All pictures below are from Minimalist Baker.

I'm sure any of these recipes would make an amazing compliment to a meal.  I know I'm having a hard time narrowing down what I want to bring.

Click Here for a recipe recap from (never)homemaker.  

Click Here for a recipe recap from Vegan Richa.  

Lastly, check out my Vegan Holiday Meals on Pinterest for continual updates from around the internet.

Do you have your Thanksgiving menu planned?


  1. Thanks for the holiday meal inspiration! We tend the make the same thing every year for Thanksgiving, but we like to mix it up at Christmas, so I'm going to pin some of these recipes for sure!

    1. I like to mix it up, but this year I still have no idea what I'm going to make for Thanksgiving. There are so many things that look amazing!


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