Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Cookbook Creation: Thug Pancakes

I have really been enjoying the Thug Kitchen Cookbook, and last weekend, we cracked open this beautiful book and searched for a pancake recipe.

As you may know, Sunday morning pancakes is a bit of a tradition in our house.  I say tradition loosely, as it doesn't happen every Sunday.  In fact, it hadn't happened in months, so I thought I would go all out with this one.  I used the very simple recipe from Thug Kitchen, although I subbed pumpkin for the bananas, since we had that on hand from making cookies.  They turned out beautifully.

I love to sprinkle in chopped nuts when making pancakes.  I simply put them on the griddle, then add the nuts.  It helps to make a crispy, crunchy bottom.

I feel like I had to thin out the batter quite a bit before I got the pancake thickness that I wanted.  The first several were very dense, but I added some almond milk and got the thin pancakes that I wanted.

We had extra frosting left over from making these cookies, so we used that on the pancakes.  We also made a quick berry compote the night before, because it's the best thing to put on a pancake.

If I had to choose between berry + frosting or just plain ol' Earth Balance and maple syrup, I would go with the latter.  Both are great, though!

I'm happy our pancake tradition is alive and well.  Now, I need to decide what to make next weekend!


  1. Sheridan got me Thug Kitchen for my bday, and I LOVE IT!!!! I'll have to try these pancakes. They look delicious. I plan to make the pumpkin chili for a potluck this weekend.


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