Thursday, October 16, 2014

Warby Parker Home Try On

The blog-o-sphere seems to be ever more flooded with endorsements and advertisements from various companies.  I don't necessarily think this is a bad thing, because some people blog for a living.  I do not, though, so when I'm sharing a product with you, it's something that I like and want to tell you about.  If I'm ever contacted by a company to do a product review, I will always tell you up front first.  I have no affiliation or contact with Warby Parker, but I have been wearing their glasses for 2 years now, and I love them.  Today I wanted to share a feature that I believe makes them unique, their home try on program.

I have been rocking these specs for two years and love them, but they are getting a bit worn.  I'm not a contact wearer, although I'm trying it out for a few things like yoga.  I prefer to wear glasses, and I was thinking it was time to look for a new pair.  I ordered 5 pairs to try on, for free, and got them the other day.  Warby Parker will send them to you, postage paid both ways, and you can see what looks great on your face!

It's amazing how different glasses change how your face looks!  Apparently, I only photographed 4 of the specs.  Two of them were incredibly similar.

These were by far my favorite.  I didn't really dig any of the other ones.  I have been wearing thick frame glasses for so long, so I thought I would like some with thin metal edges.  I didn't like any of them, though.  I am really liking the black frames, but I haven't decided yet.  I'll probably do another try on of more frames similar to this one.  What I love about these is they are titanium on the sides, which is new for me.

Warby Parker also has a buy a pair, give a pair philosophy, which gives an ethical edge to your facial attire.

What do you think?

**All opinions are strictly my own.  I have not been contacted by Warby Parker.  I just think they make a good product and have a cool business model.


  1. So, my frames broke the other night. I've had them for years and I guess they are finally done. I don't wear them out, only before I go to bed at night, but broken ones are not going to cut it. Thanks for this review! I might have to check it out! And I like the ones you picked the best as well - very cute!

  2. Oh no! Broken frames suck. I guess this was good timing, haha. I love my frames, and they are super affordable. The home try on is really fun, too.

  3. Personally, i think GlassesShop is the greatest place for getting quality glasses. It lets customers scroll through hundreds of options and styles in different colors.


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