Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Healthy Eating on the Road

I have been traveling a little bit for work, and whenever I know I'm going to be on the road, I pack ahead.  Most of my trips take me to very rural places in Arkansas, and there are not a lot of options for a healthy vegan lunch.  All you really need to get through a full day of traveling is a cooler and a little planning ahead.

On my first trip, I left bright and early in the morning.  So, I packed my cooler with a mid-morning snack.  I pulled over for a quick break and got out my almond milk and protein powder.  A few quick shakes and you have a protein packed start to the day.  Around lunch time, I found a nice place to park and broke out my salad.  I was hoping to find a park or nice bench to eat outside, but there were not a lot of options.  So, I ate in my car.

This salad is super easy and can be made with a number of different ingredients.  I simply prepped ahead by making a large pot of black lentils, then I tossed them with chopped cabbage and apples.  In the morning, I spooned that out into a tupperware and topped with carrots and daiya cheese.  Lunch is served.

Healthy meals make this girl happy!

On another trip, I decided to go with a veggie packed salad, some delicious grapes and a handful of almonds.  My sandwich kept fine without a cooler for a few hours while I made a trip up to north Arkansas for a meeting.

As with the salad, any ingredients that you like will work.  This is avocado, tomato, lettuce, red peppers, carrots, mustard and cashew cream.  It was amazing.  When you have a healthy and appetizing lunch ready, you are far less likely to grab something unhealthy on the road.

I finished my lunch with this tasty snack on the go, grapes and almonds.  I think they go nicely together.  This fiber and protein rich foods will keep you full and happy while you travel.

What's your favorite car trip food?


  1. Man, cashew cream can really just take any dish to the next level!

    I love packing snacky meals for car trips, stuff I can eat while I drive (sandwiches, chips, raw veggies, popcorn), and then make that meal for last for as many hours as I'm on the road. Well, for short 2-3 hours trips anyway. If I'm constantly eating, I don't get bored or tired.

    1. That's a good point. Popcorn is a good idea. I need to add that to my packing lists. I'm so bad about eating in my car. That's probably why my car is always dirty.


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