Friday, October 10, 2014

Exciting New Veg Dining Options in Little Rock

Photo Credit: That's So Raw LLC Facebook

The healthy and delicious food scene in Little Rock is exploding!  There are so many new, amazing places opening up that I don't know how I'm going to get through all of them.  I'm happy to have my new side gig at Eat Arkansas, because now I have more of an excuse to go out and find some yummy veg food around the city.

I wanted to give you guys a run down of what's new and happening in Little Rock right now.  I plan to get around the city and try these places out and report back in my column.  Unfortunately, I was out of town for last week's annual Food Truck Festival, because there are some awesome new food trucks in town.  There are some great things happening at Farmer's Markets too, as well as some new restaurants just opening up.

That's So Raw

Photo Credit: That's So Raw LLC Facebook

I have been a social media follower of That's So Raw for a long time, but I've never had the pleasure of trying out their food.  Kendalyn Mckisick and Natashia Burch are the nutritional powerhouses behind this blossoming business, and I know we'll be hearing more about them soon.  From health coaching to cooking classes to bad ass instagram pictures, these ladies have been promoting raw, vegan food all around Central Arkansas.  They are going to be setting up a stall at the Bernice Garden Farmer's Market starting this Sunday, and I'm going to make it top priority to hunt them down and eat some delicious food.

Bonta Toscana

Photo Credit: Bonta Toscana Facebook

I have been hearing wonderful things about the Tuscan sauces coming from Bonta Toscana, and I can't wait to snatch a jar and make some beautiful, Italian food.  You can often find their booth at the Hillcrest Farmer's Market, so follow them on social media and hunt them down.

Katmandu MoMo

Photo Credit: Katmandu MoMo Facebook

Perhaps one of my happiest moments of recent memory was the discovery that vegan momo, or Nepali dumplings, were coming to Little Rock.  I read this new food truck's menu and immediately started stalking them on facebook.

Photo Credit: Katmandu MoMo Facebook

I want to get my hands on a big plate of delicious dumplings and vegan fried rice as soon as I can.  I will be sure to report back.

The Clean Eatery

Photo Credit: The Clean Eatery Facebook

I don't know how vegan friendly this new food truck will be, but with healthy eating a top priority, a girl can hope they have veg options.  We'll see.

The Pantry Crest

Photo Credit: The Pantry Crest Facebook

One of my favorite restaurants in Little Rock is The Pantry.  I don't know how a place that does so much business selling schnitzel can make such stellar vegan food, but they do.  They are opening a second location in Hillcrest, at the spot formerly occupied by The House, and I can't wait to check it out.  Now, I don't venture into Hillcrest all that often, but I will head into hipster-ville for The Pantry.  (ok ok nothing against Hillcrest or Hipsters, it is a beautiful part of Little Rock, and as I have huge glasses and am covered in tattoos, I feel quite at home there.)

Good Food by Ferneau

Photo Credit: Good Food by Ferneau Facebook

I have been hearing great things for awhile now about the healthy take out meals being dished up by Chef Ferneau and crew.  The food looks healthy and beautiful, and they have tons of clearly marked vegan options.  Recently, they moved into the space formerly housing the Argenta Market, and I have been dying to get over and give them a try.  With delicious looking soups and veggie stir fry on the menu, I will definitely have to make several trips to see them.  While I'm there, I can pick up some juice from Garden Press, which is housed in the same space.  Check them out on facebook for daily menus.

I hope you are as excited about all of the amazing new veg options in Central Arkansas.  It's so nice to see the food scene evolving.

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  1. Awesome! I definitely want to check out the Katmandu MoMo food truck too! We saw Clean Eatery at the Food Truck Festival. They had lots of GF items, but not really any vegan items other than vegan gravy. But they seemed to be selling mostly breakfast items that day, instead of lunch, so maybe they will have different options on different days.

    I can't wait to check out Good Food too! Several of my co-workers have eaten there and said it's awesome. They warned me though that he shares the space with a Butcher Shop, so heads up!


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