Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Cookbook Creation: Warm the F Up Minestrone

I have loved the Thug Kitchen blog for awhile now, so when the cookbook came out, I snatched it up.  It came recently, and I have been looking over what recipes to make.  I gathered up the ingredients for this soup on Sunday, but I hadn't got around to testing it out yet.

After our world changed on Monday, I couldn't think about anything but loss and heart ache.  Josh and I took Tuesday off to mourn Bodhi and properly say goodbye.  We found ourselves laying in bed Tuesday afternoon, and I decided I needed to do something to feel normal.  So, I cooked.

Bodhi used to sit on a bar stool in the kitchen and watch me cook every time I made anything.  So, I got in the kitchen and focused on making something comforting for us.  This soup was really perfect.  The recipe was very simple, but the soup was hot and healing.

If all the recipes in Thug Kitchen Cookbook are like this, I'm going to be very happy.  This soup was exactly what we needed.  We grabbed some crusty bread, sat at the table, and told funny stories about Bodhi.

Have you tried Thug Kitchen Cookbook yet?


  1. Aw, your tribute post to Bodhi was lovely! I'm so sorry!! Sheridan told me this past weekend (I missed the FB posts somehow). Y'all gave her a wonderful life!! And this soup looks like a nice way to start to heal.

    P.S. Sheridan & Drew got me Thug Kitchen for my birthday! I cannot wait to cook from it.

    1. Thanks, Bianca. She was such a wonderful kitty. I miss her a lot. Josh and I found a ton of pictures of her last night from when she was a baby. I'm working on a photo album.

      This soup was a great way to start to heal. I saw that you got Thug Kitchen! It's great! The book is really funny, and I can't wait to make more things. I made the banana wheat pancakes this past weekend, but I subbed in pumpkin. They were yummy.

      Your post birthday-birthday Halloween weekend looked amazing. Glad you guys had a good time! :)

  2. I loved all of the pics you've posted in the past of Bodhi watching you in the kitchen. So sweet! Ellie has started laying in the kitchen with me while I cook and I thought about your pics of Bodhi. Glad you guys had some comforting soup (looks awesome!) and some good Bodhi-share time. I know she is greatly missed!

    1. Thanks :) She loved sitting in the kitchen and watching us cook. Basil has been doing that a little, but if you turn your back, she will launch off wherever she's sitting up to my shoulders. Hopefully she will grow out of that habit.

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