Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Papa V's Pizza Party

My parents love to tell the story that when they got married, my mom couldn't boil water.  The first cook in the family was my dad, and he's still the baker and pizza maker.  My mom and I are very similar in our cooking styles, which means we throw a bunch of unmeasured stuff into the dish until it tastes great.  My dad is more methodical.  He's the one to go to when things need to be measured.  The second night of my Labor Day birthday weekend, we watched football and made pizza.  My dad spent the day making home made dough while the girls were in Memphis dress shopping, so when we came home, we were ready to make some pie!

My mom had some beautiful eggplant from the Jonesboro Farmer's Market, so I wanted to make them my Curry Sweet Potato Pizza!  I added a swirl of cashew basil cream on top, which was a perfect addition to the recipe.

I piled that pizza high with veggies, then we baked it in the oven to perfection.

Mama and Papa V are the cutest!  They really know how to make pizza, too.  Mom gets really excited about pizza.

My dad also made a margherita pizza with tomatoes from the garden.  He saved a nice spot on the pizza for my vegan slices, and I used the cashew cream as the base.  I forgot how delicious a really simple pizza can be.  Must make this again!

This pizza was great.  There was about half left after everyone got a piece, but somehow by the end of the night, it was all gone!


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