Friday, September 19, 2014

LR Restaurant Review: Taj Mahal

I love Indian food, and we have two good restaurants here in town.  I recently read The Hundred Foot Journey, and afterwards, I was dying for some curry.  I took a break a few weeks ago from work and deadlines and went with Josh for some Sunday brunch at Taj Mahal.  I have eaten here a few times before and always loved it, and this trip was no disappointment.

The first thing I noticed was they had remodeled since my last visit.  The dining room was decorated in lush beads and wall paper, and they had moved the once single line buffet into an entirely dedicated room.  This made for a little bit of a crowded experience when trying to grab your meal, as the restaurant was bursting with people, but it offered more counter space for more items.

I started off with a large salad and some delicious and creamy eggplant.  This dish was amazing.  The waiter brought out fresh, hot naan bread that was perfect for soaking up the yummy sauces.  I was happy to see many vegan items on the buffet bar, although there were many items that were not.  I found plenty, though, and on my second round, I piled my plate high with rice and curry.

I kept waiting for the staff to refill the samosas, because I wanted one of those delicious, potato filled pillows.  Finally, they came out with a big, steaming bowl of them, and I snagged one up.  I was too full to finish it, though.  Somehow, some more of that delicious chaana masala ended up on my plate, too!

Josh and I were full and happy after our meal, and we'll definitely be coming back.

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  1. It's so awesome when places have vegan naan! And I like the idea of expanding the counter stuff to make room for more food even if it did make it a little more cramped. Yum!

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