Wednesday, September 17, 2014

LR Restaurant Review: Another Round

A new restaurant has opened in West Little Rock, and a few weeks ago, we headed out as an office to give it a try.  Another Round is a casual burger/bar place that would be a good atmosphere to have a beer and watch a Razorback game.

We got seated and started looking over the menu.  As you may notice, this place isn't the most vegan friendly.  That doesn't mean that I couldn't find something to eat, but there weren't a ton of options.  I was really hungry, so I ordered the chips and salsa.  It was great!  The salsa was delicious, and the chips were light and salty.  I was happy and excited about what was to come.

I ordered the veggie burger without cheese, add guacamole.  After seeing the menu, I was pretty afraid I was going to get a freezer patty, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a tasty patty with lots of veggies.  The onion rings, though, were a misstep.  They seemed like they were taken out of a freezer bag and thrown into the fryer.  If I'm going to eat onion rings, I want them to be fresh.  The burger, though, was good.

Since losing Buffalo Grill in this part of town, we haven't had a lunch spot that's simple and comforting.  I won't be running back here for the food, especially when Big Orange is just down the road, but if Josh and I want to find a spot to have lunch and watch some football, I would consider going back to Another Round.

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  1. Love a burger with lots of guac!!!

    And guess what? The back of my Sparkle Motion tee says "Never doubt my commitment." Haha!!

    1. Oh man! Best shirt EVER. Pardon me while I go talk to my large friend, Frank.

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