Monday, September 22, 2014

Five Favorite Vegan Tacos

As you are reading this, I am hopefully laying on a beach, reading a classic book, and not looking at the internet.  On this fourth week of Vegan Mofo, I'm on a digital blackout.  Don't worry, you will still have posts coming every day, but I won't be responding to comments or emails.

This week, I thought I would take you through some of my favorite foods from the year and a half since I started Vanishing Veggie.  I love blogging, and I have learned so much about myself along the way.  I am very grateful to have this outlet and incredibly touched to have such great readers.

Today, I wanted to share with you one of my favorite things to cook...TACOS!  Josh and I adore our taco night, and we make a huge production out of it.  Jars of salsa are popped, chips are eaten, music is played, and tacos are made.  It's our favorite date night, and I've pulled out five of my favorite vegan taco concoctions.

What is your favorite taco?


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